MQ: The Spirit Land

Basic Information

Quest Name The Spirit Land
Quest Name (JP) 精霊の地
Recommended Level Level 75
Quest Conditions Level 75
Quest Rewards
- 600,000 XP
- 56,000 G
- 4,600 R

Request Text

From the Gate of Sacred Grounds, head to the Spirit Land. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Head for the Gate of Sacred Grounds - 聖域の門 in the Farana Plains
  2. Head for the Hollow of Beginnings - 始まりの洞 within the Tree (洞 'hollow' as in 樹洞 'tree hollow')
  3. Defeat the enemy encountered
  4. Continue your progress within the Tree to the Hollow of Beginnings
  5. Defeat the enemy encountered
  6. Continue your progress within the Tree to the Hollow of Beginnings
  7. Defeat the enemy encountered
  8. Continue your progress within the Tree to the Hollow of Beginnings
  9. Defeat the demons that are destroying the Central Vein
  10. Talk to Cecily
  11. Unlock the Portcrystal in the Gathering Area - 集いの間
  12. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.


Talk to Joseph to begin this quest. A cutscene will play.


Joseph will tell you that he has been waiting for you. He says that a messenger brought word earlier. It appears that by the agreement of all the chiefs of Phindym, the seal to the Spirit Land had been lifted. Obviously this was done in order to eradicate the source of the corruption within the tree. You should now go ahead, as Cecily is waiting for you. You should fight with all your might to the end. Joseph ends the conversation with an amused note, that he is preaching reason to an Arisen.

When the cutscene ends, the first quest objective will appear: go to the Gate of Sacred Grounds - 聖域の門 in the Farana Plains.


The gate is located at X 256, Y 322. Warp to Dana village and then make your way east on foot. When you reach there, there will be an event marker and Cecily's father, Gearóid, will be standing nearby. Talk to him and he will tell you that he has been waiting for you, the Lestanians. Now activate the event marker for another cutscene.


Gearóid will explain to your party that beyond this point is what the people of Phindym refer to as 'The Spirit Land'. The Spirit Land is basically a multi-leveled area that leads to the core of the Central Tree, and only the Dragon can freely come in and leave the various area levels. Usually the gate used to enter and exit the place is sealed tight.


As you are well aware, the Central Tree is emitting poison to all over Phindym. In order to heal the Tree, you would have to reach its core. The tree roots that have been poisoned can be cleansed and purified with the Primeval Drop.

Mordred then warns you that the interior of the Tree is likely infested with demons. He advises you to go ahead and ignore the demons if you can, and head for the core area.


Elliot says that it is an important job to clear up a safe way, while Lise adds that she dislikes mopping up. Gearóid then tells you that he will follow and assist you within. No more Primeval Drops can be obtained, and as much as he hates to burden you, he pleads and thanks you for your help.


The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: make your way to the Hollow of Beginnings - 始まりの洞 within the Tree.

If you talk to Gearóid before you proceed, he will simply repeat himself on how important it is to reach the core of the Tree. Cecily tell you that she has the Primeval Drop in her safekeeping and assures you that she will bring it safely to your destination. Lise will grumble about how everyone laughs at her, but who does like mopping up duties anyway? At any rate, she tells you that the party should proceed soon so that all these annoyances can be dealt with without delay. Gurdolin notes that ever since the party arrived in Phindym, the situation has turned glum many times, and likely grow more tense later. Elliot will mutter that there are plenty of demons within, then says that no, he has not lost his nerve.


Now proceed through the door.

Note that there are roots all over the interior. You will encounter a variety of creatures, as well as spore plants. You will also be required to successfully defeat some enemies in order to proceed.

The first group of enemies you will have to defeat are several Level 75 Marauding Sirens - 襲撃セイレーン near X 49, Y -37. After defeating them, the quest objective will update for you to resume your trek.


The next set of enemies are a pack of Level 75 Marauding Green Guardians - 襲撃グリーンガーディアン near X 56, Y -99. Again, defeat the creatures in order to proceed.

You will then face a group of Level 75 Severely Infected Marauding Pixies - 襲撃狂侵ピクシー and Level 75 Severely Infected Marauding Stymphalídes - 襲撃狂侵スチュパリデス at X 51, Y -137. As before, dispatch the creatures to proceed.

Make your way to the top, taking care on the gaps and broken parts of the stairs. You will reach a door at the top.


Enter to reach the Hollow of Beginnings - 始まりの洞. Now simply go forward to reach an area with an event marker.


Activate the event marker and a cutscene will play.


Cecily will inform everyone that this place is the very core of the Central Tree, and it is called the 'Hollow of Beginnings'. The eldest of the Tree's roots - the 'central vein' - are located here, where they reach out to purify and revive the great land. She will then lead the party, stating that the 'central vein' is just right ahead.


Some Severely Infected creatures will come into view as you proceed, and Cecily will be surprised to see their presence here.


Cecily says that the party must protect the central vein, and asks everyone to help her defeat the creatures.

The cutscene will end and you will enter into battle. You will have to fight several Level 75 Tree-Dwelling Severely Infected Demons - 樹内に蔓延る狂侵デーモン. Once you have defeated the creatures, another brief cutscene will play.


The creatures will fall in defeat. Cecily will then explain that she was told by her father that if the central vein is healed, then the land of Phindym will be restored. Still, some of the infected demons within the Tree remain. If the party is attacked while in the process of restoring the central vein, then the Primeval Drop would be wasted. Therefore, the first thing to do is to eliminate all infected elements within the Tree.


Cecily then says that she will wait for her father to arrive and will begin preparing for the restoration process. The cutscene will end.


The quest objective will update: talk to Cecily.

Talk to Gurdolin here and he will wonder if the squad's work here is done if the infected demons here are defeated, before he grunts and says that if that were the case, the squad should not wait and get this over with. Lise will grumble on having to mop up enemies, while Elliot says that he does not mind mopping up enemies; it is no trivial matter if it is done well.

Talk to Cecily and she will inform you that she has been entrusted with a certain key by her father. She will also tell you that her village has long protected and looked after this place and the dragon. She then gives you the key and tells you to use it to open the door down the hallway and enter. There is a Portcrystal there. You should unlock the Portcrystal, so that the squad can use the place as a base camp in order to restore the central vein to eliminate the infectious corruption within the Tree.

The quest objective will update: activate the Portcrystal in the Gathering Area - 集いの間.


Do not bother with the other portals in the room, you will not be able to access them. Head south and then east. Now simply activate the Portcrystal in the centre of the room. The quest objective will update: report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber.

Warp back to the Temple. Talk to Joseph and he will note that the White Dragon has lain silent for quite a while; perhaps it's consciousness is away elsewhere. Joseph adds that judging by past events, he cannot say there is a good omen for what may come. Still, he believes that things are about to end in Phindym, so you should not dwell on it.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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