MQ: The Slumbering God

Basic Information

Quest Name The Slumbering God
Quest Name (JP) 横たわる神
Recommended Level Level 1
Quest Conditions Completed Main Quest: Resolutions and Omens
Quest Rewards
- 500 XP
- 300 G
- 100 R

Request Text

Talk to the key personalities gathered in the Audience Chamber and learn more of your role and duties as an Arisen.

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Leo in the Audience Chamber
  2. Talk to Leo and Mysial
  3. Talk to the White Dragon

Quest Flow


This is the second Main Quest in the game. It automatically starts when you complete Resolutions and Omens by talking to Fabio at the White Dragon Temple for the first time.

The Seeker Fabio is one of the four White Wings Arisen Corps and he will greet you when you arrive. He asks you how did the battle at Gritten Fort go, then figures that it likely went well since Leo and the rest have returned.

Fabio recognises you for a Newly Arisen and points out the Audience Chamber, where the White Dragon rests in slumber. He then suggests that you’d best seek an audience with the White Dragon - a Main Quest - before he bids you farewell.

When the conversation with Fabio ends, make your way into the Audience Chamber of the White Dragon Temple, which is on the far opposite side of the complex.

Several tutorials will also pop up to show you some basic concepts of the game at this point.


Talk to Leo; a short cutscene will play where Leo introduces you to everyone; himself and Iris - both from the White Wings Arisen Corps, Mysial the Priestess, Joseph the Priest and Klaus the novice, and Gerd, Commander of the White Knights.


Leo then reminds you that the lineup of people in the chamber are some of the most important figures in Lestania.

Iris teases him, “Leo, speak for yourself.” Then the two will start bantering before Joseph tells them both to save it for the Orcs.

When the cutscene ends, the quest will update with a new objective; now you need to talk to Leo and Mysial.

Talk to Leo and he will say that perhaps it is not too late for him to introduce himself as the leader of the Arisen. He will inform you that as an Arisen, you have two important duties. The first is to help in the efforts to find a cure the slowly-petrifying White Dragon, who has chosen and marked those most devoted to it as Arisen; and it is the White Dragon that holds the Arisen's hearts. If the White Dragon were to regain its power, then the Arisen's own power would grow, and vice versa. Additionally, the White Dragon holds a deep connection to the realm of Lestania itself, and thus the future of Lestania and its people rests on the Arisen.

The second duty as an Arisen is to defend the White Dragon Temple. The Orcs' attacks are growing stronger, and they even managed to breach Gritten Fort. Leo notes that you have Newly Arisen in severe circumstances, and should consider what it truly means to be an Arisen. Still, one could just turn one's back from the hard life of an Arisen, but Leo is pleased that you have chosen to walk the hard, but proud path.


When you talk to Mysial, she will ask if you returned from the Gritten Fort, and then congratulates you on the good work you did in your first battle. She also tells you that you may come again to speak to her if you wish. She informs you that the White Dragon had lost most of its power over 300 years ago, and what power it had left was used to create the Arisen. She is unsure as to the cause of the White Dragon's petrification, but notes that due to its condition the White Dragon remains in slumber and awakens occasionally to create a new Arisen. The White Dragon's weakening power has also affected the very lands under its protection; the number of Orcs and demons have increased due to this. Mysial informs you that as an Arisen, the White Dragon keeps your heart outside the flow of time and thus you will never age and grow old. However, even though you are not affected by time, you must not forget those who are - the people of Lestania. She hopes that you will assist in their quest to restore the White Dragon.

The quest will update again with a new objective; talk to the White Dragon.

However, you can also talk to the other NPCs in the chamber for more information.


Joseph will inform you that the Priesthood does most of the administrative governing in the White Dragon Temple. It is a great responsibility. He tells you that in addition to the current war with the Orcs, there is also a great tension between the Arisen and the White Knights. He will also tell you the history of the White Dragon Temple; about 300 years ago, the White Dragon fell from the skies and crashed here, unable to move. The Lestanians feared for its safety and thus built a Temple to house the injured dragon. The Arisen and the White Knights defended and fought for it, while those who could not fight dedicated their prayers to it. He hopes that you and everyone will defend the White Dragon as a united force, and have respect for all.

Klaus will introduce himself as Joseph's assistant and informs you that he is not an Arisen. Most of the Arisen are away from the Temple, patrolling and protecting all over Lestania. Of course, Leo could summon them all to the temple if needed. Klaus will ask you if you know of Blood Orbs; they can be offered to the White Dragon to help drive back the petrification threatening it. However, they are quite rare, but you should still keep an eye out for them.

Iris will tell you that usually her duties require her to be by Leo's side, or running around somewhere on missions. She describes her role as a liaison of sorts. She notes that even though the Arisen are unaffected by age and time, you should not turn your back on living your life. Though the Arisen are duty-bound to defend the White Dragon, they should also seek out new experiences and ideas.


Gerd will introduce himself as the Commander of the White Knights, who notes that you have not been an Arisen for long. He will also speak of the prejudice and distrust between the Arisen and the White Knights - particularly among the more senior Arisen. Some of the Arisen think that the White Knights are inferior to them, which Gerd strongly believes is utter nonsense. The two are merely different. Both the White Knights and the Arisen are protectors of the White Dragon and Lestania, but unlike the Arisen who are marked by the dragon, the White Knights are made up of those who volunteered to protect Lestania and its people. He sternly remarks that he hopes you will not have the attitude he had described.

Another short cutscene will play.


The White Dragon will awaken briefly from its slumber to greet you, its newest Arisen. He tells you that it has lost its power and is unable to move, and its own future lies in your hands.

When the cutscene ends, the quest will be marked as completed.

You can now start the Personal Quest, The Arisen’s Abilities - 覚者の甲斐性.

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