MQ: The Quandary of Soldiers

Basic Information

Quest Name The Quandary of Soldiers
Quest Name (JP) 戦士たちの困惑
Recommended Level Level 50
Quest Conditions - Level 49
Quest Rewards
- 250,000 XP
- 120,000 G
- 1,500 R

Request Text

Go after Leo who has disappeared and is heading for the Third Ark. - Heinz

Quest Objectives

  1. Get a boat in the temple's harbour to go to the Third Ark
  2. Head to the Third Ark via boat
  3. Seek out Gerd in the Third Ark
  4. Go after Leo
  5. Hold Leo off
  6. Head towards the depths of the Third Ark
  7. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


Talk to Heinz in the Audience Chamber to begin this quest.

Heinz will remark on how hectic and confused things are going at the moment, with Leo disappearing off after the events at Mergoda. As for Gerd, the commander of the White Knights immediately left when Leo's true intentions had been deduced. It seems that Leo is headed for the Third Ark. Heinz is unsure why, and Klaus would not say when asked. The new Ark is across the western sea; if you wish to go there, a boat is ready waiting for the Arisen.

If you speak to Klaus after your conversation with Heinz ends, he will tell you that he is surprised that both Leo and him had considered the same thing regarding Zuhl's Vessel of Life. Apart from the White Dragon, there is no other place the Vessel can be used other than the Third Ark. He asks that you hurry there to help Leo, and open the 'gate' Zuhl and Iris spoke of. When you told him that Gerd has gone there, he says that the commander must have heard his argument with Joseph earlier. After what happened to Mysial, Gerd must have wanted to redeem himself.

Speak to Mayleaf and the elf girl will tell you that she is feeling sad that she can no longer see Mysial and the priestess' smiling face by the White Dragon's side.


The quest objective will update: head to the Cave Harbour and look for a boat. You will find it at the western side of the harbour. Talk to the White Knight standing near it to proceed. He will ask if you wish to go the new Ark in the western sea; if so, go ahead and use the boat nearby. He also cautions you that he does not know what sort of danger is waiting there.

The quest objective will update: get on the boat to go to the Third Ark. Do so.

You will then arrive at the entrance of the Third Ark. The quest objective will update once more: find Gerd.


Proceed further within the Ark until you find Gerd and some of his men near X 50, Y -81. Gerd will say that he could not believe Leo drew his sword against them, and that Gerd could not stop him. Leo is making a mistake; Zuhl's Vessel should be offered to the White Dragon.

The next quest objective is to go after Leo. Go ahead and activate the quest marker; a cutscene will play.


Leo and Heinz will be facing off, ready to battle. Leo tells Heinz not to come any closer, for he does not want them to fight each other. Heinz will demand an explanation from Leo as the Arisen had injured the Knights' commander. Leo will say that he cannot waste time with conversation. Heinz replies that if Leo is underestimating the Knights, and Leo says that he has no choice.

The cutscene will end, and you will enter into battle. You must now try to hold Leo off.

(Do not underestimate Leo just because he is not a typical boss or monster. There is a reason the White Dragon chose him as its successor.)

Once you have dealt enough damage to Leo, another cutscene will play.


Leo will drive you back and then tell everyone that if there is an enemy strong enough to manipulate and turn Iris, then he should be the one to face this enemy. If you think that he has gone crazy, then go ahead and strike him down. Ask Klaus about this and then decide, and do not forget about Joseph as well. Heinz demands that Leo give up the Vessel, but is unable to stop Leo, who runs off deeper into the Ark with it.

Once the cutscene ends, you will receive a new objective: go deeper into the Third Ark, where Leo is headed. Activate the quest marker there for another cutscene.


Leo will have Heinz disarmed, and when you try to reach them both, Leo will draw his sword, threatening to kill Heinz. Heinz tells you to ignore him and go for Leo instead. Leo kicks Heinz away and brandishes the Vessel of Life, using it to activate the Third Ark.

The Third Ark is activated and sends a beam of light skyward, opening another portal in the sky. However, instead of drawing another Ark into Lestania, the long-lost city of Mergoda appears.


Leo will run off, leaving you and Heinz in the chamber. Heinz will wonder what just happened before he says that everyone should attend to the injured and go back to the Temple. The cutscene will end, and the quest objective will update: report back to Joseph.

Return to the Audience Chamber and speak to Joseph. The quickest way would be to warp back.


When you speak to Joseph, he will tell you that he heard what happened in the Third Ark. He tells you there a message was sent from the north; the energy that beamed from the Ark seemed to have opened the gate to Mergoda. Is this not what the enemy had wanted? And now it seems that we have unwittingly helped the enemy. Through the gate at the far north lies Diamantes and what he had made his domain. Joseph is upset that his advice had been ignored, and now he is miserable. He is surprised that Leo told you to thank him. Perhaps you should go ahead and help Leo and Klaus.

Joseph will also tell you that Klaus is actually a descendant of the Alchemist himself. However, as alchemy was declared a forbidden art, there is little information on the matter. Nevertheless, Klaus has studied and gathered much on the subject. Joseph is worried about Klaus and asks you to keep an eye on the novice on his behalf. When you are ready, you should head to Mergoda.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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