MQ: The Man From Another Land

Basic Information

Quest Name The Man From Another Land
Quest Name (JP) 大陸から来た男
Recommended Level Level 57
Quest Conditions - Level 57
- Northern Betland Plains Area Rank 6
Quest Rewards
- 148,000 XP
- 28,000 G
- 2,200 R

Request Text

Follow Cecily who has gone from Mayleaf's home and is headed for Flocwald Bridge - Gurdolin

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Joseph
  2. Go after Cecily, who is headed for Flocwald Bridge
  3. Defeat Zuhl
  4. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


To begin this quest, talk to Gurdolin in the Audience Chamber.

Gurdolin will remark on the recent mission to eliminate the infected demons and that the White Knights can finally send relief to the people and get some rest. However, he thinks the Knights might want assistance again soon. Now there's a breather, you can focus on taking care of Cecily. He wonders what to do should her memories do not return.


The quest objective will update: talk to Joseph. He is ashamed for his lack of oversight; Cecily has left Mayleaf's home. Leo sent a messenger asking for a meeting at Flocwald Bridge - フロックヴァルト大橋, which is the bridge that connects the Northern Betland Plains to Eastern Zandora. He says that he cannot blame Cecily, for she is eager to meet Loeg. Anyway, Lise has gone after her, but Joseph feels uneasy about Lise going alone and asks you to go as well.

The quest objective will update: go after Cecily, who is headed for Flocwald Bridge.


Flocwald Bridge is located at X 175, Y 86 in the Northern Betland Plains. Once you reach the bridge, activate the event marker there for a cutscene.


You, Lise, Cecily and Leo will meet. Leo asks your party if you remember Iris. He turns to Cecily and tells her that there once was a fellow Arisen named Iris. She was a friendly and cheerful young woman but with a dark despair deep within her mind. An evil power used that despair and manipulated her; as a result, Leo had to kill Iris.


Cecily expresses her deepest sympathies, but insists that it has nothing do with her. Leo replies that it seems that Cecily's own despair runs deep within her, but Cecily denies this and asks that she gets to meet Loeg. Leo signals for Loeg to show himself.


Loeg says that he is glad to see Cecily safe. He asks her if she is indeed Cecily, the daughter of headman Gearóid. Cecily remembers and replies that is correct; she is indeed Gearóid's daughter. She asks Loeg to tell her if he knows anything else. Why is the Black Knight after her? What of her power and what is it that she must do? Loeg apologises and says that he does not know. He only knows that she is being pursued by the Black Knight and that he could somehow help, but it seems not to be the case.

Lise asks Loeg why he wants to help Cecily. Loeg replies it is because Cecily is the headman's daughter and he wants to be on good terms with the headman. Lise snorts at the 'romantic talk'.

Zuhl appears to interrupt the conversation and demands that you hand over Cecily to him. The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: defeat Zuhl.

Level 57 Zuhl is only slightly more stronger than when you fought him earlier at Breya Coast. Once you defeat Zuhl, another cutscene will play.


The defeated Zuhl will be on his knees, announcing that even if he falls, the Black Knight will begin his move. Once the demons are on the move by virtue of his master's will, then there will be no peace in Lestania. Lise remarks on Zuhl's parting threat but is glad that you are now rid of this unwanted bond with Zuhl. Cecily however, laments on why her memories fail to return.

The cutscene will end. Now report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber.

Joseph will summarise the events so far; the Black Knight had sent the wave of infected demons to Lestania in order to flush Cecily out and identify her location, as Cecily is sure to fight those demons. The Black Knight himself can control the strange corruption that infects the demons. This is certainly nothing like the war with the Orcs.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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