MQ: The Lost Hometown

Basic Information

Quest Name The Lost Hometown
Quest Name (JP) 失われた故郷
Recommended Level Level 69
Quest Conditions Level 69
Quest Rewards
- 300,000 XP
- 46,000 G
- 3,600 R

Request Text

Explore the continent of Phindym. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Travel to Phindym and talk to Loeg, who waits at the Protector's Retreat
  2. Leave Elan Water Grove and head for the Farana Plains
  3. Head for the deserted village further down the road
  4. Defeat the enemy encountered
  5. Investigate the deserted village
  6. Return to the Protector's Retreat to confirm if your comrades are safe
  7. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.

Talk to Joseph to begin this quest.

He informs you that the infected creatures are still running amok all over the land. Under Gerd's command, the White Knights are currently in charge of handling the issue. Things here are under control; you should assist your colleagues in Phindym. The Phindym continent is still a great mystery to Lestanians, thus it is hard to fathom the thoughts and motives of the natives. Relations should be established between both lands, and aid should be offered.

You will receive a quest objective once the conversation ends: go to Phindym and talk to Loeg, who is waiting at the Protector's Retreat - 守り人の庵. Now simply warp the Portcrystal you had activated at Elan Water Grove at X 215, Y 397.


Loeg will be there with Cecily and the rest of your squad. Talk to him and he will ask if you are ready to leave. He tells you that if you head north through this forest, you will see the plains. Then head for the nearby hill; there is a village there. He then corrects himself; there was a village there. The place can be used for a base and Loeg can show you the way there. The quest objective will update: you have to leave Elan Water Grove and head for the Farana Plains.

Talk to the rest and Gurdolin will say that he is tired of this forest and wants to hurry to a more exciting place. Cecily notes that you would like to speak to and meet the natives soon enough. Lise says that she would like to explore and see more of the land, and Mayleaf would surely like to hear of this forest. Elliot will comment that though this place is not that different from Lestania, this place makes him nervous for some reason; perhaps he is losing it.

Note that even though you can enter the Protector's Retreat - 守り人の庵, there is no one there and the facilities are unavailable.

Cross the nearby bridge and make your way north along the shore to the quest marker at X 203, Y 373.


Continue down the road and you will reach the Farana Plains. The quest objective will update: head for the deserted village right ahead. Once you reach the Deserted Village of Nabhadh - 廃村ナバド, you will also come across several Level 69 - Deserted Village Haunting Pixie Biffs - 廃村に巣食うピクシービフ. The quest objective will update: eliminate the creatures.


Once you have defeated the creatures, the quest objective will update again: investigate the deserted village. Activate the event marker at X 226, Y 366 to proceed. You might as well activate the nearby mini-Portcrystal.


A cutscene will play. Loeg will tell everyone that this place was his home and was called Nabhadh Village. When he was a child, there was an epidemic but there was no cure for it known to Phindym. (He is referring to the 'scarlet sickness' as detailed in Loeg's Illness.)


At first the illness was thought to be divine punishment. Day after day, those who caught the illness could do nothing but simply wait for death, suffering one after another. Elliot says that Loeg's story was a heavy and sad tale. However, Cecily adds that Phindym has changed since then. Her father put an end to that time of suffering and waiting for death. He is working on saving the Tree and Cecily believes that a bright future lies ahead for Phindym.


Gurdolin asks, if this 'central tree' is sick, will the Dragon get ill as well? Loeg explains that the Tree and Dragon are inseparable, so Gurdolin is not incorrect. As for the cause of the corruption infecting the Tree, it would be the appearance of the Black Knight. Lise remarks that if the Black Knight is defeated, that would save this land, would it not? Cecily says that she has to speak to the Spirit Dragon Willmia and to return to her father.

A strange cry interrupts the conversation, and everyone looks for the cry's source. Gurdolin wonders what it was and notes that it seems to be heading here.


The Dragon of Phindym makes its appearance to your party, and it is obvious that it has been infected with the strange corruption. Cecilia says that it is the Spirit Dragon Willmia and it has come to meet the party. Loeg however exclaims that no, something is wrong.


The dragon rears back to attack and Elliot will yell for Cecily to run. The blast then hits everyone with a blinding light.

When the cutscene ends, your comrades are nowhere to be seen. The quest objective will update: return to the Protector's Retreat and see if they are all right. The quickest way back would be to warp to the Portcrystal there.


You will find your comrades waiting. Talk to Elliot and he will wonder if Gurdolin is all right. Cecily is confused and does not understand why the Spirit Dragon Willmia attacked her. Additionally, she could not reach the dragon's mind and it was like facing an infected demon.

Talk to Lise to advance the quest. She will report that everyone is safe and sound even though they were all separated after the blast. Gurdolin and Loeg however have yet to return. She asks if you will return to the Temple at once, since being attacked by a dragon is a grave incident and best be reported right away.

The quest objective will update once more: report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber.


Return to the Temple; Gerd and Joseph will be waiting for you. Talk to Gerd and he will tell you to leave the infected enemies to his White Knights, and you should look for Gurdolin and Loeg right away.

Klaus reacts to the news that you were attacked by the Spirit Dragon of Phindym by saying that it is not unbelievable, as seen in the case of the Golden Dragon. If the entire continent of Phindym has been infected with the corruption, then perhaps likely the Spirit Dragon has gone mad.

Joseph will be crestfallen that the Dragon who made Cecily Arisen has been infected by the corruption and attacked; Cecily must be worried indeed. He wonders how and why exactly that happened. However, you should leave this matter to him and the rest, and come back later.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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