MQ: The Lone Arisen

Basic Information

Quest Name The Lone Arisen
Quest Name (JP) 孤高の覚者
Recommended Level Level 65
Quest Conditions Level 65
Quest Rewards
- 118,000 XP
- 38,000 G
- 2,800 R

Request Text

Go and meet Leo who is waiting at the Temple of Purification near the banks of Lake Cera, and discuss a way to resolve the current situation. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Listen to what Loeg has to say at Mayleaf's home
  2. Go meet Leo, who is waiting outside the Temple of Purification near the banks of Cera Lake
  3. Confirm with Leo on how to unlock the stagnant Dragon Force
  4. Go to the Pawn Settlement and enter the Rift's Inner Depths - 異界の狭間・深層
  5. Search for 5 x Dragon's Tears - 竜の泪
  6. Defeat the enemy barring your path
  7. Give Leo the Dragon's Tears you have gathered
  8. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


Talk to Joseph to begin this quest.

He will tell you that when Cecily had wanted to go to Bloodbane Isle, he had an unpleasant hunch about it, but did not try to stop her and you from going. He wonders if somewhere deep down in his heart, that he wanted this to happen, then stops himself and says that it is such a despicable thing to think of. Cecily is now sleeping, and should be kept safe. Those who wish her harm should be immediately dealt with.

Joseph has a request to make; consider it an apology of sorts to Cecily. The quest objective will appear: you need to go see Loeg at Mayleaf's home and hear what he has to say. Mayleaf's home is located at X 46, Y 100 in the Temple.


Speak to Mayleaf when you arrive at her home and she will inform you that she had Camus, who made the cure for Loeg, examine Cecily. It seems that there is nothing else they can do for now.

Enter the bedroom and you will find Cecily sleeping on the bed, while Loeg and Lise watch over her. Talk to Loeg and he will suggest asking Leo for help. He reminds you that Leo was searching for something - a new power, perhaps? If you could obtain that power, then you ought to be able to defeat the Black Knight. Loeg also says that he understands that there is some ill will between Leo and the Temple, so please allow him to mediate. He will arrange for you to meet near the Temple of Purification and he is certain that Leo will come.

If you talk to Lise, she will tell you that Cecily has not given up just yet, and Lise herself will never give up.

The quest objective will update: meet Leo, who is waiting outside the Temple of Purification near the banks of Cera Lake.


Warp to Betland Plains and head to the Temple of Purification. You will find Leo at X 276, Y 199. Activate the event marker there for cutscene.


Leo will ask Loeg what is this about. Loeg will reply that the Dragon Force throughout the land has grown stagnant and there is a place where that power is collected. If that Dragon Force is gathered… 'then surely the Arisen can gain even more power'. That was what Leo had mentioned some time ago. Loeg tells Leo that he should reveal what he had discovered, as Lestania is in dire need.


Leo grunts and notes that it has been a while. He says that due to the current times and circumstances in which they were created, the Arisen have departed from the laws of nature. Most Arisen assumed that the price for that is being endowed with a portion of the Dragon Force, including Leo. However, in the confrontation against the Golden Dragon, Leo wondered why was he unable to defeat it. Leo could not help wonder if it was because he was weaker since he had not fully inherited the dragon's power. Ever since Leo left the Temple, he has been looking for a way to make up for the stagnant or missing power.

Leo reminds you and himself that it was he who said that an Arisen is someone who fights the enemies of the dragon. It is time to fulfill that duty and regain that stagnant power. With that power, it would be easy to defeat the Black Knight and his minions.

The cutscene will now end and you will be presented with a new objective: confer with Leo on how to unlock the stagnant Dragon Force.

Speak to Loeg and he will tell you that he is returning to Cecily's side, and he is doing all of this for Cecily's sake.

Talk to Leo. He will inform you that there is a special device required in order to unlock the stagnant Dragon Force. He asks you to enter inner depths of the Rift from the Pawn Settlement and look for the fragments of a orb called Dragon's Tear - 竜の泪. The quest objective will update accordingly when the conversation ends.


Now head for the Pawn Settlement and enter the Rift's Inner Depths - 異界の狭間・深層 via the entrance in the Pawn Cathedral, as marked on your mini-map. The entrance is at the eastern corridor of the cathedral.


When you enter the Rift's Inner Depths, the quest objective will update: look for five Dragon's Tears. Now simply follow the quest markers to collect them. They can be found at the following coordinates:

  • X 57, Y -57
  • X 49, Y -98
  • X 64, Y -261
  • X 23, Y -255
  • X 51, Y -142

You are required to defeat a Level 65 Stagnant Soldier Construct - 淀みし衛士傀儡 - a Gigant Machina and Level 64 Ghosts barring your path before you can collect the final Dragon's Tear.


Once you have gathered all five of them, you are required to return to Leo and give him the Dragon's Tears you have collected.

Leo will still be waiting at the Temple of Purification where you left him. Talk to him and he will be surprised at how quickly you gathered the Dragon's Tears. He says that he will keep them, and then tells you not to look at him like that - he is not going to run off with them. There are still some things he needs to look up in some ancient manuscripts. He knows that Joseph and Klaus would have no problems finding the information if he were to leave it with them, but he would like to do this on his own. Consider it as a favour in return for his time and help.

The quest objective will then update: report back to Joseph. The priest will inform you that Cecily's condition is declining. There is nothing you can do for now but to expect Leo to keep his promise.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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