MQ: The Great Alchemist

Basic Information

Quest Name The Great Alchemist
Quest Name (JP) 偉大なる錬金術師
Recommended Level Level 55
Quest Conditions Level 53
Quest Rewards
- 300,000 XP
- 150,000 G
- 1,600 R

Request Text

Fight Diamantes in a final battle in Mergoda. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Head to the Burial Chamber in Mergoda
  2. Face Diamantes
  3. Defeat Diamantes
  4. Defeat Diamantes in his transcended form
  5. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


You can start this quest by talking to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. A cutscene will immediately play.


Gerd tells you that Joseph has briefed him on the current strategy and the White Knights are ready to go to Mergoda and subdue the rampaging beasts there. This way you do not have to watch your back as you go after Diamantes.


Joseph and Mayleaf wishes everyone good luck and they will pray for your safety and success. The cutscene will end and you will receive the first quest objective: go to the burial chamber in Mergoda that serves as Diamantes' prison.


Warp to the Mergoda Ruins and then make your way to the burial chamber, which is located in the Mergoda Ruins Royal Palace Level - 亡都メルゴダ 王宮層 at X 52, Y 65. Activate the quest marker at the bottom of the steps leading to the burial chamber for a brief cutscene.

Klaus will greet you before he asks if Joseph agreed with his plan. When you tell him yes, he will say that he is ready. He laughs nervously, trembling as he starts to work on the seal on the chamber.


The chamber opens, then Leo appears to announce that he will go in the chamber first. Everyone else should hide, as a precaution if he is affected by Diamantes. He runs ahead into the chamber, while Klaus yells at him that he is wrong; he is more vulnerable if his heart and spirit is affected. Everyone should work together for this. Klaus then runs after him, leaving you to follow.


When the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: confront Diamantes. Head inside the chamber and then up the stairs. You will find an exhausted Leo on his knees.


Activate the event marker near him to proceed with another cutscene where Leo wonders what sort of dreams did Iris saw, and what sort of future Diamantes has shown. Leo simply wished for the world that Mysial had died trying to protect - a world where everyone lived - and what could be better than that?


Diamantes himself appears to reply that he merely wanted a simple, yet beautiful world - a world ruled by humans, and not by a dragon's reason or purpose. In order to be rid of the dragon, he needed someone - an Arisen - to disrupt the order of this world. Leo gasps and asks him if he had used Iris for that purpose.

Diamantes replies that the Arisen were created for the dragon's own interests, in order to protect it so that the dragon would continue to maintain its reason over the world. The Arisen are nothing more than tools of the dragon. Now it is time to see who will control this world once there are no more Arisen.


The cutscene will end and you will be drawn into battle with the Alchemist himself. Leo will also participate in this battle. Level 55 Diamantes can also summon several creatures to his aid - Level 53 Alchemised Skeletons and Level 53 Alchemised Goblins. Once you inflict enough damage to Diamantes, the battle will be interrupted for a cutscene.


Your party will be thrown back, while Diamantes taunts you and says that you should just remain there. Leo gets up and tells the Alchemist that he has his own view of the Arisen, which differs from Diamantes'. When Diamantes asks him what are the Arisen to him, Leo replies that like himself - leader of the White Wings - the Arisen are wings for a dragon that can no longer fly to protect this world. In other words, the Arisen are meant to protect this world from evil scum like Diamantes.


Diamantes states that he will kill your party, and then transforms into his transcended form.


This other form is much, much tougher than the first. Leo will also participate in this battle.

Once you defeat Diamantes' final form, another cutscene will play. Diamantes will fall down and revert back to his human form.


A gravely injured Diamantes will ask that the 'young heir of alchemy' carry out his goal. Klaus asks Diamantes if the Alchemist meant him, then vehemently refuse Diamantes' final request.


Diamantes then dies, and his vast life force is absorbed by the Vessel that Theodor gave to you.


The cutscene will end and you will have a new objective: report back to Joseph. He will be ecstatic to see the safe return of the Arisen and the White Knights from battle. Now that you brought a Vessel of Life, it should be offered to the White Dragon.

The quest will be marked as completed, and you can now proceed with the next and final main quest of Season 1.

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