MQ: The Golden Key

Basic Information

Quest Name The Golden Key
Quest Name (JP) 黄金の鍵
Recommended Level Level 53
Quest Conditions - Level 52
- Mergoda Ruins Area Rank 3
Quest Rewards
- 280,000 XP
- 150,000 G
- 1,500 R

Request Text

Obtain assistance from Theodor and prepare for battle. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Pay a visit to Klaus, who is waiting in Mergoda
  2. Seek information on the Giant Soldier and its whereabouts
  3. Complete a World Quest in Mergoda
  4. Report back to Ariadne at the Specialist Trading Post - 術師の取引所
  5. Seek out the Giant Soldier at the Mergoda Ruins Royal Palace Level - 亡都メルゴダ 王宮層
  6. Defeat the Giant Soldier in order to obtain the key
  7. Get the key
  8. Talk to Klaus
  9. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


You can start this quest by talking to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. He will ask you to go ahead to Mergoda to assist Klaus; there is no need for you to be here right now. Joseph is worried about Klaus and thinks it is best you should be there to advise the novice.

If you speak to Gerd, he will inform you that as soon as the White Knights have completed their preparations, they will leave for Mergoda. Heinz will inform you that he has been placed in charge of the security of the Temple. Even though this is an important duty, he wishes he could go to Mergoda instead.

The quest objective will update: head to Mergoda and speak to Klaus. The quickest way is to warp to the Portcrystal there. You can find Klaus in Theodor's Workshop at X 84, Y 45. Activate the event marker there for a cutscene.


Klaus will greet you before he explains that currently, Diamantes is sealed away in a corner of Mergoda. The White Dragon had sealed the city itself in a dimensional warp, while Theodor has kept Diamantes imprisoned. However, Diamantes has shown that his power can reach outside his prison. It seems that he has discovered how to breach the arts sealing him away, and Klaus believes that there is little time before he will be free.

Theodor says that he believes that the party has no other choice but to unlock the seal themselves. However, the key to the seal must be obtained first. This key is guarded by the 'Giant Soldier' of Mergoda. You will have to find the giant first in order to get the key.

The cutscene will end and you will receive a new quest objective: find information on the Giant Soldier and its whereabouts.


The quest marker will lead you to one of the ruined buildings nearby, which is the Specialist Trading Post - 術師の取引所. Talk to the woman behind the counter, Ariadne. She will note that you are from Lestania and confirms that the key to the door sealing Diamantes is indeed guarded by one of the giant soldiers Theodor spoke of. Unfortunately those giant things are no longer under anyone's control, and they will destroy anything that crosses their path, regardless if it is one of the Mergodans or Diamantes' minions. This certainly makes life both safe and dangerous at the same time.

She informs you that the giant soldiers are called Goliaths, and they are creatures made by alchemy. They are the most powerful among the alchemical creatures, and she fears for your safety. When you tell her that you need to find the creature, she asks that you prove your skills by completing a World Quest first before she will aid you.

The quest objective will update: complete a World Quest in Mergoda. Feel free to pick any World Quest in the area and successfully complete it. When you have done so, report back to Ariadne. She will say that she heard news of your success in advance, then thanks you and notes your strength is befitting of an Arisen from Lestania. As agreed, she tells you the location of the Goliath guarding the key you seek and marks it on your map.

The quest objective will update: look for the Giant Soldier at the Mergoda Ruins Royal Palace Level - 亡都メルゴダ 王宮層. Activate the event marker in front of the doors and you will find yourself immediately in battle with a Dead Capital Giant Soldier - a Level 53 Goliath. When you have drained about half of the creature's health, a brief cutscene will play. Leo will show up to aid you in this battle, before the fight resumes.

When you finally defeat the creature, another cutscene will play.


The Goliath's remains will fade away, leaving the key it guarded behind. Leo will leave you without saying a word. The quest objective will update: get the key. Go to the shining spot and pick it up. Now return to Theodor's Workshop and tell Klaus what happened. Activate the event marker in the workshop for yet another cutscene.


Theodor will be very pleased that you obtained the key. Klaus will be surprised when you tell him that fighting the Giant Soldier was tough, but Leo helped you. He wonders why Leo went away again. Theodor remarks that it is probably because of Diamantes, who knows very well how to manipulate someone's feelings, and then the alchemist cautions against a betrayal. Klaus protests, saying that Leo would never do such a thing.

Theodor moves on to say now that you have obtained the key, they must discuss about the next part of the plan. He asks Klaus to explain. The cutscene will end here; now speak to Klaus.

Klaus will say to you that Diamantes is a far more terrible person than he had imagined. Even when imprisoned in the Sealed Burial Chamber - 封じの玄室, Diamantes' reach still goes far. The seal on the chamber has weakened and is close to completely collapsing; Diamantes' complete and true awakening is close at hand.

The alchemists of Mergoda have discussed the matter and believe that when Diamantes has attained perfect transcendence, the situation will be hopeless and he will be unbeatable. Therefore, you must unlock the seal and strike at Diamantes first. Theodor and the rest here are unable to do anything about it, but Klaus is certain that with the cooperation of the Arisen and the White Knights, Diamantes can be defeated.

However, if the seal is unlocked and the plan to defeat Diamantes fails, all of Lestania will be in grave danger. Both Klaus and Theodor have discussed this at length, and think that this decision is far too serious for them to make. Klaus then hands over to you a Vessel of Life that Theodor has constructed which can seal away Diamantes' life force. He asks that you return to the Temple, show it to Joseph and ask the priest for advice.

The quest objective will update: report back to Joseph.

The priest will welcome your return and ask what is the situation in Mergoda like. After you show him the Vessel that Klaus gave you and explain everything to him, he will say that he will have consult the others first in a meeting. He asks you not to worry and to rest ahead before the next decisive battle. He will be here waiting when you are ready.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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