MQ: The Girl Who Lost Her Memories

Basic Information

Quest Name The Girl Who Lost Her Memories
Quest Name (JP) 記憶のない娘
Recommended Level Level 55
Quest Conditions Level 55
Quest Rewards
- 128,000 XP
- 18,000 G
- 1,200 R

Request Text

Go and visit the girl you found washed up on the beach. - Lise

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Mayleaf's home in the White Dragon Temple
  2. Go to the village of Rotes, where Cecily was found
  3. Search the coast for Zuhl
  4. Defeat Zuhl
  5. Go back to Rotes and return to Elliot
  6. Go back to the Audience Chamber
  7. Talk to Joseph
  8. Talk to Klaus

Quest Flow


Talk to Lise in the Audience Chamber to activate this quest.


Lise greets you, addressing you as her superior commanding officer, and tells you that you ought to visit the girl you found on the beach. She is currently at Mayleaf's home and apparently is still unconscious. The quest objective will update: go to Mayleaf's home, which is located at X 46, Y 100 in the Temple.


Use the door nearby to enter the room where the girl you found is resting. You will find Elliot in the room watching over here, as well as an event marker.


Speak to Elliot and he will mention that perhaps it would be better to wake her up, so he asks what would you do.

Activate the event marker for a cutscene.


The unconscious girl will be tossing and turning in her sleep, muttering 'go away'.

Elliot mentions that she has been like this the whole time, then she suddenly awakens and tries to attack Elliot with a dagger. She blurts out, 'Black Knight?' Elliot approaches her and gently asks her about it, and she describes a tall person garbed in black armour.


Elliot replies that a lot of knights wear black, and asks if she has noticed that she is in this room. She looks around briefly and puts her dagger away, mentioning that the person she described is no regular knight. Elliot mutters that of course it isn't before he asks her to calm down. He tells her that he and you know nothing about her, but at least they are not enemies.

She apologises and introduces herself as Cecily. Cecily asks where is she, before she corrects herself and wants to know where she was. She needs to go back to where she was found, and asks you to take her there. The cutscene will end and you will acquire a new quest objective: go to Rotes village.

Speak to Elliot and he will say that even if he asks Cecily to rest, she is not likely to listen. He mentions that he understands her, as he too has gone through some painful experiences. Speaking to Cecily will simply result in her repeating her plea to be taken to where she was found.

If you leave the room and speak to Mayleaf, she says that she hopes that Cecily can be friends. Pamela will mention that the number of gentlemen coming to visit have increased and it is getting somewhat irritating, so she plans to speak to Commander Gerd about it.

Now head to Rotes village in Breya Coast. The quickest way would be to warp via Portcrystal.


You will find Elliot and Cecily waiting for you at the Rotes Portcrysal. Now talk to Elliot. He will inform you that there's trouble ahead, and asks if you remember Zuhl. Even though you defeated Zuhl, it seems that he's been resurrected and is also looking for a young woman with a description that fits Cecily. Zuhl has threatened to burn the village down unless she is produced, and it seems that he is searching the shore for her right now.

The quest objective will update: look for Zuhl at the coast. Go to the location marked on your mini-map, at X 107, Y 288. Activate the event marker there for another cutscene.


Zuhl appears and recognises you, before he sarcastically congratulates you for defeating him the last time. He tells you that as much as he wants to stamp your faces in and pound you into the ground, he is rather busy right now looking for a particular woman. He then changes his mind and decides to fight you.


Zuhl here is Level 55. He is not as powerful as he was in your last battle, so you should have no problems defeating him. His attack pattern is still the same as before. A cutscene will play once you have defeated him.


Zuhl laughs even in defeat, and tells you that you should fear him. His master is not Diamantes, as you thought; Zuhl's master is in fact the powerful Black Knight. He announces that is he is also the Black Knight's pawn, which is why he will revive again and again to face you. If you do not give him the woman he is looking for, this nightmare will never end. He then flies away.

The cutscene will end, so go back to Rotes and return to the Portcrystal where Elliot is waiting with Cecily. Activate the event marker near there to proceed with a cutscene.

Elliot will be surprised when you tell everyone that Zuhl is the Black Knight's pawn. He asks Cecily if she knew about this, and if this had to do with the reason she was here.


Cecily apologises, stating that she cannot recall anything. After giving it a lot of thought on why she is being hunted, she remembers only bits and pieces; the heavy rain that obscured visibility, that the Black Knight is after her, and that she is determined to survive. She mentions that she teleported you to an island, and asks if you remember the place and could go there again.


Elliot replies that the White Knights are currently looking for the place before he reassures her that they are certain to find it. Elliot turns to you and says that it is best to return to the Temple. He is concerned about this island and Zuhl's reemergence must be reported. Joseph will not be pleased.

The cutscene will end and your new objective is to return to the Audience Chamber. Activate the event marker in the chamber for another cutscene.


Cecily will have an audience with the White Dragon. The White Dragon will greet her by name before telling her that it senses a great power within her, that is neither good nor evil. This power has great influence over the dragon's Lestania; it seems that it is strong enough to change the fate of this land. It is likely the power of a dragon.

Cecily asks if this is the reason the Black Knight is hunting her; the White Dragon replies that it does not know. Cecily asks for the wisdom of the White Dragon to guide her as to where to go; she cannot stay here. Staying here will invite the presence of demons and expose everyone to danger.


The White Dragon replies that if those pursuing her are also linked to a dragon, then there is no safe place in Lestania. Elliot says that he thought as much. The dragon continues, commanding those gathered in the temple to protect Cecily. It then addresses Cecily as the daughter of a foreign land, and tells her to believe in those gathered here and to work together in trying to reclaim her lost memories. Cecily thanks the dragon and the cutscene will end.

Now speak to Joseph. You will brief him on what occurred, and he will say that the reason why Zuhl and his master the Black Knight are pursuing Cecily can be found in her lost memories. Perhaps the island you and Gurdolin were transported to could provide some clues.

Now talk to Klaus, who says that this is all like a tale full of wonder and excitement; another dragon in this world other than the White Dragon, the Black Knight as a terrible foe, and Cecily the mysterious young woman. He informs you that the search for the island is still on and he hopes to have some good news for you soon.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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