MQ: The Fate of Lestania

Basic Information

Quest Name The Fate of Lestania
Quest Name (JP) レスタニアの命運
Recommended Level Level 57
Quest Conditions Level 57
Quest Rewards
- 148,000 XP
- 30,000 G
- 2,400 R

Request Text

Eliminate the infected demons that are attacking all over Lestania. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the church ruins near Drawan which is under attack
  2. Defeat the enemy encountered
  3. Go the emerging corruption infestation in Eastern Zandora
  4. Defeat the enemy encountered
  5. Return to the Audience Chamber to gather more information
  6. Go to Theodor to assist the city of Mergoda
  7. Seek out the emerging corruption infestation in Mergoda
  8. Defeat the enemy encountered
  9. Go the emerging corruption infestation in the Mergoda square
  10. Defeat the enemy encountered
  11. Return to the Audience Chamber and report

Quest Flow

This is the final main quest for Season 2.0. To begin this quest, talk to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. A cutscene will play.


Joseph says though he wishes Zuhl's parting remarks to you was merely out of spite, it seems that Zuhl was telling the truth after all. According to the reports from a number of locations, the attacks and damage inflicted by infected enemies are growing. Gerd proposes both the White Knights and the Arisen to work together in a counterattack. Gerd wants to assemble a small strike unit of the best people to move swiftly in fast skirmishes against the enemy, fighting one group after another. He knows that you will be perfect for the job.

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will appear: go to the Northern Betland Plaind and head to the church ruins near Drawan.


The church ruins are where the Underground Crypt - 地下納骨堂 is located, at X 115, Y 166. When you reach the place, you will encounter a pack of Level 55 Infected Direwolves and Level 55 Infected Snow Harpies. The quest objective will update: eliminate them.

Once you have defeated them, go to the next location being attacked, in Eastern Zandora.


At X 358, Y 122, you will come across some Level 55 Infected Hobgoblins and Level 55 Bolt Grimwargs. Again, eliminate the creatures before the quest objective will update: return to the Audience Chamber. Activate the event marker there for a cutscene.


Elliot will inform you that Cecily and the rest just left, and Lise seemed rather excited. It seems that they were headed to the village south of here.

Klaus runs into the chamber and informs that Mergoda is under attack by demons. Joseph asks if the locals there cannot deal with them - after all, they are alchemists. Klaus says that it does not matter if the people are Mergoda are alchemists, Mergoda is also part of Lestania and thus must be treated as such. To discriminate them would mean leaving them to their fate and they will lose hope.

Gerd says that Klaus is right and that you should go to Mergoda. As you are good friends with their people, it is best that you go as they would find your presence encouraging. You can leave the rest to the Knights. Elliot then says that he will help the Knights while you should go ahead to Mergoda. The cutscene will end; now you must find Theodor and help the people of Mergoda.


Warp to the Mergoda Ruins and talk to Theodor, who can be found in his workshop at X 84, Y 45. He will be glad to see you. He then informs you that even as he speaks, demons are attacking various places in Mergoda. The alchemists here are not equipped nor have the skills to defend themselves from the attacks. Many of Theodor's comrades have been wounded. He is deeply grateful that you have come to Mergoda's aid and offers his thanks. Once the conversation ends, the quest objective will update: you must now hunt down and eliminate the demons attacking Mergoda.


Exit the workshop and head for the first location, which is at X 62, Y 80. You will come across Level 60 Infected Snow Harpies and Level 60 Frosted Skeletons. Eliminate them all before proceeding to the next objective at X 60, Y 138.


Activate the event marker for a quick cutscene.


An Infected Griffin appears and swoops down to attack your party. Once the cutscene ends, you will be immediately drawn into battle with the Level 57 Infected Griffin. Once you defeat it, another cutscene will play.


The Infected Griffin twitches as it draws its last breath, but you have no time for respite as the Black Knight emerges from a dark mist. He asks you if you value the girl's life - Cecily - more than Lestania, before he says what a strange world this is and then disappears.

The quest objective will update: return to the Audience Chamber.


Activate the event marker for a long cutscene.

Joseph is pleased to see your safe return.


The White Knights and the Arisen enter the chamber, while Gerd announces that his Knights have triumphed in battle. Now the Knights and the Arisen are competing in mopping up of what remains of the battle in Gritten Fort.

Elliot directs your attention to Lise, who announces that the south has been fully taken care of, thanks to Cecily's assistance, while Gerd seems amused. Cecily says that she heard that the Black Knight appeared in Mergoda, and is glad to see you safe.


Joseph remarks that thanks to everyone's efforts, it seems that they have been spared from the worst. Gurdolin notes that the motive behind the attacks remains unknown, while Elliot points out that the Black Knight is still out there. Lise protests at this and asks everyone to be a little positive. Elliot sighs and wishes that Cecily's memories would return.


Cecily is visibly upset, but Joseph reassures her that regardless of her memories, everyone will continue fighting the enemy. It is the duty of everyone here gathered before the White Dragon to fight for the hope and desire for a world of peace.


'The danger that swept over Lestania began with a storm. Its people were greatly afraid, but were given hope by the aid of the Knights. The divine protection of the White Dragon over the Arisen was felt. The Black Knights and his pawn, Zuhl, plot their demonic designs across the sea and this feeling of insecurity will likely continue throughout everyone's daily lives. But now, the people of Lestania no longer feel that they are helpless.'

Season 2.0 ends here.

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