MQ: The Entrusted One

Basic Information

Quest Name The Entrusted One
Quest Name (JP) 托されし者
Recommended Level Level 66
Quest Conditions Level 66
Quest Rewards
- 128,000 XP
- 42,000 G
- 3,200 R

Request Text

To face the Black Knight, who has attacked both continents, go to Bloodbane Isle. - The White Dragon

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Cecily
  2. Talk to Joseph
  3. Go to the strange glowing rift on Bloodbane Isle
  4. Defeat Altered Zuhl - アルタード・ズール
  5. Return to the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


Talk to the White Dragon to activate this quest. A cutscene will play.

The White Dragon will greet Cecily formally as the Arisen of the Spirit Dragon, then says the amount of Dragon Force she has inherited is very little before asking her if this is the usual custom in Phindym. Cecily replies that the Black Knight had shown up in the middle of the succession process. A portion of the Spirit Dragon's power over the land had been transferred and this protected her from the Black Knight's attack.


Loeg says that apparently he was simply caught up in the whole thing by accident, and not by design. Cecily says nevertheless she found comfort and reassurance that there was someone else who shared similar circumstances. She asks Loeg that they return home together.

Lise asks Cecily if she knows how to return to her home. Cecily answers that she has received the power from the Spirit Dragon to open a portal to Phindym. However, unless the Black Knight is defeated there is no point in doing so, for things are doomed to repeat themselves no matter where she would go. She now understands why the White Dragon did not let her return to Phindym at first.


Elliot then asks her just who really is the Black Knight. Gurdolin comments that if Zuhl is the Black Knight's pawn, that means the Black Knight himself is an Arisen. Cecily says that she does not know what the Black Knight looks like underneath his armour. Gurdolin replies that knowing his real identity would have helped, but they can worry about that later. At any rate, there is no way to resolve this if the Black Knight is not defeated.

Joseph remarks that this is a battle between the Arisen of two dragons - a battle against the Black Knight, who has attacked both continents of Lestania and Phindym. Joseph is counting on all of you to win this fight.

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will appear: talk to Cecily.

If you speak to Lise first, she will tell you that she is excited to travel to Phindym. Klaus will say too bad that he will have to stay here at such an important time, but that seems to be the fate of a scholar. Loeg says to you that he will wait for your return here, as the last time he ventured out with you he ended up being a burden. Elliot tells you that he will keep an eye on Cecily, and he trusts that you and everyone will do their best in Phindym.

Cecily will tell you that the Black Knight possesses an unfathomable amount of power. He has attacked her and a great many others, tainting the very earth wherever he goes - something that cannot be ignored. She thanks you again for helping her so she can now continue with her mission and purpose. She is no longer afraid of darkness and she believes that this time the Black Knight will be defeated.

Once your conversation ends, the quest objective will update. Now talk to Joseph. The priest will inform you that Bertrand, the Area Master at the garrison in Bloodbane Isle has opened the path leading to the highest peak of the island. It is best that you take that path to go to the glowing rift.

The quest objective will update again: head to the glowing rift at Bloodbane Isle. As Joseph recommended, the fastest way there would be to warp to the Reconnaissance Expedition Garrison and take the newly-opened path to the peak.


Activate the event marker there for a cutscene.


Cecily will announce that she senses the Black Knight is coming. He notes that Cecily did not die. Gurdolin rallies everyone to attack.


However, before your party could even advance, the Black Knight summons his pawn.


Elliot bursts out in surprise, "Zuhl?" Zuhl's appearance is different compared to the last time you met. Gurdolin snorts and remarks if Zuhl will revive again this time.

The quest objective will update once the cutscene ends: you will have to defeat Altered Zuhl - アルタード・ズール. Level 66 Altered Zuhl is basically an upgraded version of Zuhl; he is weak to Lightning and his Core Area is in his chest. He also uses Ice-based magick attacks. As he flies a lot in the battle and is capable of teleporting, it is recommended that you or your party members have ranged attacks.

Your squad and Cecily will also participate in this battle.

Once you have defeated Altered Zuhl, another cutscene will play.


Altered Zuhl will fall in defeat.


Unfortunately, while everyone is distracted with Altered Zuhl's defeat, the Black Knight materialises behind Cecily. Lise cries out a warning for Cecily to get away and everyone rushes to her aid, but the Black Knight sends everyone flying with a gust of dark power.


The Black Knight holds his weapon towards Cecily, ready to kill her as he tells her that she cannot fight against her fate after all.


The killing blow however, does not fall as Leo arrives to the rescue. The Black Knight is angered at him interrupting. Leo tells Cecily that her brilliance in her eyes is meant to look at a world of abundant life; if he cannot even protect that, then how can he call himself an Arisen?


Leo announces that he refuses to lose anyone else anymore. Leo tells the Black Knight if power is what he seeks, then he can take Leo instead. As for this world, he entrusts it to you. He reminds you that there is no dream that cannot be fulfilled - referring to Iris and Mysial's final wishes - before he and the Black Knight lock their blades in a duel, and the Black Knight warps away, taking Leo with him, while Gurdolin calls out for Leo in frustration.

Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update one last time: return to the Audience Chamber.

Talk to Lise before you leave and she will say that you have to report whatever you saw and heard and Leo's final message. Gurdolin will grumble on how Leo needs to look good and show off; now he owes the fool a huge favour and he intends to pay it back. Cecily will say that everything will turn out right once the Black Knight is gone. Elliot notes that this island connecting Lestania and Phindym is greatly infected with the corruption. There is no way to resolve this unless the corruption coming from Phindym itself is stopped.

Activate the event marker in the Audience Chamber for another cutscene.

If you speak to Gerd before activating the cutscene, he will tell you that he heard that the Black Knight has gone. For now, it is best you celebrate that first rather than dwell on the price paid for it. Klaus says that he heard the news as well, and mentions that it seemed like something Leo would have done. Loeg remarks that Leo's parting words were not made in despair; he knew what he was doing and he was giving you time to prepare.


You will relay everything you have seen and heard to Gerd and Joseph. Joseph notes that when Leo left the temple to seek out a new power, he actually had the future of Lestania in mind. Joseph than brings up Cecily and the rift at Bloodbane Isle, and Gerd says that the rift is a 'gate'. The infected creatures are still flying through that gate to get here. When Joseph brings up the Black Knight, Gerd says that the knight and the infected may not even be connected. Joseph wonders on how to deal with this.

Another cutscene will immediately play.


The cutscene will show the rift at Bloodbane Isle. Cecily will say that she will has no choice but to return to Phindym. She needs to go through the gate and deal with the root cause. She asks for a little time, but she is certain that this gate will open with her power.

The Arisen united, managed to repel the Black Knight, the root of this evil. However, the threat of the infectious corruption remains unchanged. The preparations to go to Phindym are underway, while the Arisen dream of a moment's repose.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Season 2.1 ends here.

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