MQ: The Entrusted Future

Basic Information

Quest Name The Entrusted Future
Quest Name (JP) 託された未来
Recommended Level Level 49
Quest Conditions - Level 48
- Zandora Wastelands Area Rank 3
Quest Rewards
- 250,000 XP
- 120,000 G
- 1,500 R

Request Text

Rescue Mysial, who has been abducted. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Rendezvous with Leo at the Mergoda Security District - メルゴダ護政区
  2. Search for Mysial
  3. Find a way to open the large doors
  4. Find the key in the Alchemical Research Facility
  5. Open the door with the key you have obtained
  6. Find the device to open the huge doors
  7. Enter the huge doors you had opened
  8. Defeat Iris
  9. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Talk to Joseph in order to start this quest.


Joseph tells you that Leo has gone ahead to the Gorge of Mergoda to deal with Iris. Joseph will also tell you a little about the place. About 300 years ago, there was a city called Mergoda, which then was the greatest city of Lestania. The White Dragon chose an Arisen called Golgorran, who ruled as King, and the king had an advisor called Diamantes. At first there was peace and harmony throughout the land, but evil began to take seed in Golgorran. Perhaps it was caused by Diamantes' own ambitions, or perhaps it was due to the personal interests of both, that they rebelled against the White Dragon. In order to defeat the threat of the Alchemist and the king who had turned into the Golden Dragon, the White Dragon destroyed all of Mergoda. What is left is now the Gorge of Mergoda - a vast scar in the earth at the very north of Lestania. The area was once known as the Mergoda Security District - メルゴダ護政区, a restricted area. Leo has already gone ahead with Zuhl's Vessel of Life. The sealed entrance to the place will already be taken care of.

The quest objective will appear: rendezvous with Leo at the Mergoda Security District - メルゴダ護政区. The quickest way there would be to warp to the Zandora Wastelands Shrine Portcrystal and then head north to the main entrance at X 297, Y 35.


Enter and you will find the place in an assorted level of ruin. Now go ahead and meet up with Leo, who is waiting just a short distance ahead of you.


Talk to him. Leo will tell you that he was thinking of Iris, and was wondering if things would have turned out differently if he had gone to Zoma himself to see her. He shakes his head and says it does not matter now. She has forgotten what it truly means to be Arisen; to protect the White Dragon as one, and to respect life and this very land. He does not understand how any Arisen could forget that; for him, an Arisen will remain Arisen until death. He then says that the party should go ahead and find Mysial and return her to the White Dragon's side.

The quest objective will update: search for Mysial. Leo will accompany your party. If you speak to him, among other things, he will tell you that he and Iris became Arisen on the same day. Ahead of you is a huge gate that is currently closed; examine it and the quest objective will update again: find a way to open to open the huge doors.

If you examine the glowing message marker at the stairs near the door, the marker reads: "Notes of Aias, Deputy Project Supervisor; oh, what a problem indeed. In order to open the main door to the Alchemical Research Facility, I need to switch on the mechanism, but the key required is lost. If I dropped the key, it was probably in the Military Exercise Facility, where we store those new giant soldiers. Well, it can't be helped. It seems I will have to stop by the storage area first."


Head to the east wing, as indicated by the quest marker. Unfortunately the door that leads to it is locked; you will have to find the key to open it. As stated in the note you found, the key is in the military facility, which is in the west wing. Go there and search the spot indicated by the quest marker. You will have to activate a lever at X 81, Y 88 in order to access the storage bay where the key is located. Pick up the key and the quest objective will update: use the key to open the door.

Head back to the east wing and open the door. You will receive a new objective: find the device to open the large door you encountered earlier. Just a little ahead of you is another glowing message marker, examine it to find a dirty notebook that reads: "Deputy Project Supervisor Aias was crushed by one of the new giant soldiers?! The thing was likely out of control due to an excess input of elixirs - well, that's what you get with those fools in military research who only think of increasing its power! But since Aias has died, who is going to be the new Deputy Project Supervisor? Perhaps I am a candidate?"

Explore the cells on the level if you wish before you proceed. One of the cells will have a glowing message marker, which reads: "From a stained and faded letter - How did we come to this? What is this about a subject needed… in experiment… everyone in Deenan… please run and escape…"

Now head to the level above and make your way to the quest marker to the north; check your mini-map if you have to. Note that you will have to trigger a switch at X 108, Y 118 to proceed further.

There is a glowing message marker next to the door at X 128, Y 90. Examine it to find a ruined notice board that reads: "The Research Facility area ahead is under the supervision of Deputy Project Supervisor Aias. Please obtain the necessary authorisation before accessing the huge main doors."


The main switch to open the large doors is located at X 130, Y 70. Pull the lever and the quest objective will update: go back to the huge doors you encountered earlier and enter. A short cutscene will also play to show the doors opening. Get back there and enter. Activate the quest marker ahead up the staircase. A cutscene will play.


You will see Iris about to stab Mysial with a dagger, only to halt when Leo yells for her to stop. He demands to know why she wants to kill Mysial. Iris laughs maniacally tells him that she needs to do so in order to 'open this gate', pointing to the Portcrystal behind her. The Mergoda that was lost more than 300 years ago lies connected to this end, she announces. However, it requires a life to open it. If she could not obtain the rich life force of Zuhl, the elf - namely Kieshildt - then that of the priestess will do.


Leo demands to know how can Mysial's life force be the equivalent of the fiend or an elf. It is Mysial herself who explains to the party. There are two kinds of life force in this world; there is of the life force of those living, and life force of those who protect the living. Mysial's life force is of the latter, to protect the people of Lestania. The same goes for elves, who have watched over and protected many in their long lives. They all have roles to play. Even the monster Zuhl, who came to life due to some purpose.

Iris hits the priestess, interrupting her. Iris then snaps at the party over this comparison of life forces. She asks Leo for old times' sake, if he was willing to trade Zuhl's Vessel of Life for Mysial.

Mysial pushes her away and runs to the edge of the platform, startling Leo and everyone else. She asks the Arisen not to resort to using the corrupting life force of the monster, Zuhl. Mysial continues, saying that she was meant to protect this world, as well as everyone - including the Arisen. This is the only way she could end this. She asks the Arisen not to give in to those who dare threaten this world, for even the slightest of concessions could destroy it.


She lets herself fall off the edge; Leo rushes for her, but it is too late. Iris laughs, and a very furious Leo attacks her. She taunts Leo on how he is so affected by Mysial's fate.

Leo states that the Alchemist wanted to manipulate her to get to him. However, he cannot afford to give in. He will honour Mysial's final request; so be it. The cutscene will end.


The quest objective will update: defeat Iris. Iris is a Level 49 Hunter, and she will be accompanied by two Purplish Copper Giant Soldiers - Level 49 Damned Golems. Once you have defeated all of them, another cutscene will play.


Iris lies dying, and with her final breaths said that she disliked all this. She was lonely and even if she changed, the world would not. Even Leo would not change. Leo tells her that he had changed when he took his oath as Arisen.


Iris dies, and Leo is obviously distraught. He begins to hurl Zuhl's Vessel of Life away, but stops himself. He wonders what this Diamantes person is like. Iris is now no longer with this world. Leo declares that he will not be satisfied until he meets Diamantes in person, before he runs off and disappears with the Vessel. The cutscene will end, and now you have to report back to the Audience Chamber.


Activate the quest marker in the Audience Chamber and a cutscene will play. When you tell Joseph what happened in the Gorge of Mergoda, Joseph, Klaus and Mysial are immensely saddened by the loss of Mysial. Klaus however, insists that they study the Third Ark. Zuhl's dying words were to 'open the gate', Klaus reminds him. Perhaps they could use Zuhl's Vessel of Life there to find a way to where Diamantes waits. Joseph protests, and say that this needs to be discussed first. Klaus insists that they must not waste time, but Joseph asks him to calm down for they should hear what Leo has to say first. However, they will be shocked when you tell them that Leo has gone missing. Klaus asks if Leo still holds Zuhl's Vessel of Life, then wonders if Leo shares the same idea as his. Joseph reminds him of what happened to Iris, and then Klaus panicks and asks you to find Leo quickly.

The cutscene will end and the quest will be marked as completed.

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