MQ: The Dwellers of the Golden Land

Basic Information

Quest Name The Dwellers of the Golden Land
Quest Name (JP) 黄金郷の住人
Recommended Level Level 51
Quest Conditions Level 50
Quest Rewards
- 270,000 XP
- 150,000 G
- 1,500 R

Request Text

Explore the land of Mergoda with Klaus. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Rendezvous with Klaus at the gate in the Mergoda Security District - メルゴダ護政区
  2. Talk to Klaus
  3. Explore the land of Mergoda
  4. Defeat the Alchemised Griffin
  5. Go to Theodor's Workshop - テオドールの工房
  6. Seek out Beatrix, the Area Master
  7. Talk to Theodor
  8. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


You can start this quest by speaking to Klaus in the Audience Chamber.

He will ask you if you had been discussing things at length with Joseph. He tells you that he will be leaving for the north, then head through the 'gate' to Lestania's former capital, Mergoda. He thinks that Leo has gone there too, and would talk to him should they meet. Klaus adds that he would like to meet Diamantes as well. As the Alchemist's own descendant, there are things he would like to talk about. However, as he is unarmed, he might get killed, but he would be happy if you were to avenge him.


The quest objective will appear: meet up with Klaus at the gate in the Mergoda Security District - メルゴダ護政区. The quickest way would be to warp to the Portcrystal nearest to the district and head there. Enter and then go to the gate Klaus spoke of, which is where you fought with Iris. Activate the event marker and a brief cutscene will play.


The cutscene will show the floating island of Mergoda, and the what is left of the ancient capital. The cutscene will end with you at Mergoda, and a new quest objective will appear: talk to Klaus. He is standing close by.

Klaus will tell you that as a child, he found a book of paintings that his father had hidden away in the attic. This very scenery was among those pictures. He has long yearned to see this in person, and can hardly believe that he is standing here. This place is truly fitting to be called the Golden Land. It also still looks habitable and functional. Perhaps time runs differently between here and Lestania. To think that the White Dragon's power had sealed this world away, dismissing it from the world's reason, in order to block the ambitions of Diamantes. Klaus adds that he had feared that something within him would awaken when he came here, yet nothing happened but for some deep emotions upon arrival. Emotions regarding how he loved the cool steps when he walked the Temple grounds; the love for the petrifying White Dragon, even being Joseph's assistant - he does not want to lose them.

The quest objective will update: explore this new place. Head to the spot marked on your mini map, which is a clearing with an event marker. Activate the event marker for a brief cutscene.


An Alchemised Griffin is attacking a small crowd of people. One of the men halts near you and asks for your help. Your quest objective will update: defeat the Level 51 Alchemised Griffin and some Level 50 Alchemised Harpies accompanying the creature.


Once you have defeated the Alchemised Griffin, another cutscene will play. The man will thank you for your help. He says that he has never seen your faces before, so he asks if your party came from the other side of the gate. Klaus replies in the affirmative, and introduces you as an Arisen. The man is surprised, and asks if you are the Arisen who will replace Golgorran. Klaus replies in the negative, and tells him that the party are searching for Diamantes.

The man introduces himself as Theodor, a descendant of the alchemists who sealed away Diamantes. Along with the other alchemists here, they have been maintaining the chamber that sealed Diamantes. However, as time passed, Diamantes' power somehow managed to reach outside the chamber. The number of beasts and demons have steadily increased. At any rate, Theodor says that it is not safe here out in the open and it is best to discuss things further in his workshop, which has a barrier to repel demons away.


When the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: go to Theodor's Workshop - テオドールの工房. The workshop is located at the northernmost part of the floating island, at X 84, Y 45. Do not forget to activate the Portcrystal nearby for easier travel later. Enter the workshop.


Talk to Theodor. He will ask you how are things in Lestania, and more importantly, how did the gate to Mergoda open? He will be surprised when you tell him and how it was connected to the Arks. He explains that the Arks are based on a secret alchemical formula regarding the three elements of water, fire and life. Basically, things are done in threes in order to amplify energy. Theodor asks if you had encountered three Arks and when you answer in the affirmative, he explains that the first Ark acted as a bridge to Lestania. The very thoughts of the imprisoned Diamantes would have influenced those who had first entered that Ark. The device in the Ark would have also generated and amplified the energy needed to open the gate to Mergoda. The Second Ark has the same functions as the first, though with more powerful equipment. The Third Ark itself has the device to generate and open the gate to Mergoda. Theodor notes that Diamantes managed to accomplish all this from within the sealed chamber imprisoning him, and that you will soon understand how Diamantes managed to transcend to another form.

Theodor also tells you that before you explore Mergoda, you should first pay a visit to the local Area Master, Beatrix. Beatrix knows a great deal about the area and you should go to her if you need information. When you are done, he asks that you come back and speak to him.

The quest objective will update: speak to Beatrix.


The Area Master can be found in the building opposite of Theodor's Workshop. She will be surprised to see you, as Mergoda has been separated from Lestania. The flow of time here is somewhat different from other places. She reminds you to activate the Portcrystal just outside. She adds that she will assist you in terms of area information, and to give her regards to Theodor.

The quest objective will update: talk to Theodor. Return to the workshop and speak to the alchemist. He will ask that you return home and tell your people that the residents of Mergoda have no desire to invade Lestania. Of course, any assistance to fight Diamantes is also greatly appreciated. He does not object to you telling everyone of what you see here, and all he needs is aid from Lestania. The quest objective will update: report back to Joseph.


Warp back to the Temple. Speak to Joseph, who will ask how did things go on the other side of the gate. You will tell him that you met Theodor, who is willing to cooperate with Lestania. Joseph remarks that Klaus must be pleased to finally meet a living alchemist, and that Leo is still nowhere to be found. He thanks you for taking the time to speak to him.

The quest will be marked as completed once the conversation ends.

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