The Darkness of the Heart

Basic Information

Quest Name The Darkness of the Heart
Quest Name (JP) 心の闇
Recommended Level Level 71
Quest Conditions Level 71
Quest Rewards
- 500,000 XP
- 54,000 G
- 4,400 R

Request Text

Pay a call on Gearóid, who has regained consciousness, and ask him for the gist of the events so far. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Morfaul and pay a call on Gearóid
  2. Head for the entrance to the Spirit Land in the Farana Plains
  3. Defeat the demon summoned by Loeg
  4. Talk to Cecily
  5. Return to Morfaul and report back to Gearóid
  6. Head to the gathering in the Farana Plains
  7. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.


Talk to Joseph to begin this quest. He will tell you that the darkness within the one who took the Primeval Drop from Gearóid must be very deep indeed. Such darkness is open to be used by evil. The same kind of darkness was within Iris, whom Diamantes had manipulated. Perhaps even the darkness within Diamantes himself was preyed upon and used by another. He adds that if the same thing is happening again in Phindym, then your previous experience will certainly be of use.

The quest objective will update: go to Morfaul and pay a call on Cecily's father, Gearóid.


Warp to Morfaul and head for the Morfaul Chief's Home - モルフォール族長の家 at X 211, Y 318. Enter.


You will find Cecily, her father, Mordred and your squad inside. Cecily will ask that you listen to what her father has to say now that he has regained consciousness. Talk to Lise and she will remark that the one who stole away the Primeval Drop must not care what happens to Phindym; she simply cannot understand why no matter how much thought she has given over it. Gurdolin will grumble on how they should have gotten here sooner.

Activate the event marker for a cutscene.


Gearóid will ask if you are the captain Cecily talked about; he then thanks you for taking care of his daughter. He then informs you that if they are going to cure the Central Tree, then the Primeval Drop must be retrieved. The Primeval Drop is a very rare crystal which is extremely difficult to obtain. Cecily then asks her father, who took the Primeval Drop from him?


He then replies that it was Loeg. He adds that you are all young and inexperienced, which is perhaps why you did not notice that there were times when rage and hatred were visible in Loeg's eyes. Elliot then asks how did Loeg managed to take away the Primeval Drop, since he is not a strong person. Gearóid says that Loeg came from a town famed for its livestock and the care and rearing of animals. The animals however, fell ill and changed into demonic beasts, and they now accompany him.


Gearóid adds that he does not know of Loeg's current whereabouts, but he knows that Loeg wants to destroy Phindym. Therefore, they must assume that Loeg wants to completely destroy the Tree. Cecily then realises that Loeg is heading for the 'Spirit Land'.

The cutscene will end and you will be presented with a new quest objective: head for the entrance to the Spirit Land in the Farana Plains.

Talk to Gearóid before you go and he will advise you to forget your friendship with Loeg. Elliot will say that when the time comes, he will do what he must, even if it turns out to be against a friend turned enemy. Cecily will say that she cannot believe that it was Loeg behind this. Lise will say that she is going to pretend that time back in Lestania when Loeg looked happy and was laughing in Mayleaf's home did not even exist. Gurdolin will take note of the demons and livestock-turned-demons that Loeg commands, and adds that he has no idea of Loeg's actual strength and capability.

Now exit the building and head for the quest marker at X 256, Y 322.


Now activate the event marker near the gates for a cutscene.


Loeg will show up and greet everyone before he shows the stolen Primeval Drop, and asks if you came here for this. He announces that this is no jest, and you will not get in the way of his revenge. The dying Central Tree must die, and everyone else will die with it.


Cecily asks Loeg if he knows what he is saying. "If you destroy the Tree-" she begins, but Loeg interrupts her.

Loeg tells her when his hometown was affected by the epidemic, everyone turned their backs on his people, calling it fate. Even the Dragon did not help them. He could do nothing but to grit his teeth and hold his rage, because that was how it is in Phindym. His parents suffered while everyone else pretended not to see. The Dragon did nothing, and this despaired him. Before long Loeg's father went mad, and cursed the world with his dying breath. Loeg then seized upon that curse; for when he begged and prayed, relief was available but denied.

Loeg then poisoned the Tree, for it is fitting that you and everyone would rush around desperately to your deaths to save the Tree - is this not fate? He snaps, only now do you understand, when your own lives are involved. This talk of 'reason' is only an excuse for selfishness.


Cecily pleads to Loeg to remember all that happened in Lestania. Phindym can become like Lestania. Loeg disagrees, saying that it is impossible, then announces that he will do all he can to stop you. He then summons what he calls his 'dear pet' to face you, uttering a strange series of cries. A Severely Infected Behemoth then appears and the cutscene will end.

You will now have to defeat the creature Loeg has summoned - a Level 71 Loeg's Tamed Severely Infected Behemoth. Your squad will join you in this battle. Additionally, Cecily will beg Loeg to come to his senses during the battle, but Loeg will ignore her pleas.

Once you have defeated the creature, another cutscene will play.


The Severely Infected Behemoth falls, and Loeg will ask how this could happen. He calls for the Black Knight repeatedly, saying that the knight could not abandon him now. His calls are answered; a dark mist envelopes him and spirits him away.

Cecily is surprised as she notes the dark mist's appearance, but Gurdolin warns her not to go any closer.


Lise points out that there is something on the ground, and warns Cecily to watch her steps. Cecily goes to the spot Lise indicated and retrieves the Primeval Drop that was left behind. She says that there is still hope and with this, Phindym will be saved.


The cutscene will end and you will have a new quest objective: talk to Cecily.

Talk to Lise first and she will tell you that you have to help Loeg. She asks if the way Loeg shouted for the Black Knight not to abandon him angered you - surely this showed that Loeg was only being manipulated by someone else behind all this. Elliot will remind you that Loeg and the Black Knight are working together, and you do not know if the Primeval Drop will work. Gurdolin will ask if you saw how Loeg was surrounded by the black mist. He says that the mist is obviously the work of the Black Knight.

Cecily says that she must return to Morfaul and report back to her father. She needs to know how to use the Primeval Drop, and discuss what to do about Loeg. Loeg was certainly the cause of all this mayhem, and he must be tracked down.

Now return to Morfaul and report back to Gearóid.


However, when you enter Gearóid's home, only Mordred is there to greet you. Talk to him and he will inform you that they already know of what you saw and heard. Gearóid has called for a gathering with the other chiefs. He then asks you to hurry to the gathering.

The quest objective will update: head to the gathering being held in the Farana Plains.


Go to X 236, Y 333. The quickest way would be to warp to Dana and follow the path east. Activate the event marker for another cutscene.


Gearóid and the other chiefs and important people of Phindym will be waiting for you. Gearóid announces that the time has finally come. It is time for the chosen one to open the Spirit Land; the gates that lead into the forest within the Tree that had remained shut for ages.


He continues: the chosen one is the Arisen, Cecily. The future of this land, the Dragon and its people has been entrusted to Cecily. Cecily asks if he thinks she can do it; he replies that he believes she can. She has friends to encourage her, and what the Spirit Dragon and him had lacked, she possesses.


Cecily turns to you and your squad, then asks that you lend her your strength in order to save Phindym. She requests that you assist her in fulfilling the last hope of this land with her.


"Phindym was poisoned and the very land fell ill. The Arisen from Lestania came to help Phindym's Arisen, to fight. Now there is a way to heal the land. Thus the Arisen entrusted with the future of Phindym, Cecily, learned of the Primeval Drop, and soon the time to heal the land will come."

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: report back to Joseph.


Talk to Gearóid and he will apologise that you had to come when Phindym is in such a state. Still, the land is heading towards peace and he asks the Arisen of Lestania to support them to see it through. Elliot is amused at how important Cecily is; she seems so different - like another person - compared to back then. Cecily asks you for a little more time; soon, the Primeval Drop will heal Phindym of this corruption and sickness. Gurdolin says that the squad should return to Lestania for now. Lise will say that she cannot forgive Loeg for what he has done, yet she cannot hate him either. She wonders how the people of Phindym will judge him.


Warp back to the Temple and report to Joseph. You will find Gerd and his knights in the Audience Chamber as well.

Talk to Klaus first and he will mention that the Primeval Drop is extraordinary and he wishes that Lestania had something similar. Gerd will make a note of Loeg and tells you that he will never understand the innermost depths of one's heart. He comments that if the Central Tree can be healed, that might put an end to the infection of corruption. He adds that he will protect Lestania by any means. His knights will tell you that the White Knights are still in high spirits.

Report to Joseph and he will acknowledge that Cecily has been entrusted with the future of Phindym. It is certainly a stark change compared to his impression that she was somewhat frail and helpless at their first meeting. He tells you that you ought to take a breather yourself; Lestania is safe for now and there is no need to worry.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Season 2.2 ends here.

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