MQ: The Corruption and the Knights

Basic Information

Quest Name The Corruption and the Knights
Quest Name (JP) 侵食と騎士団
Recommended Level Level 56
Quest Conditions Level 55
Quest Rewards
- 128,000 XP
- 20,000 G
- 1,500 R

Request Text

The White Knights have requested for support, so please go to Lynwood. - Elliot

Quest Objectives

  1. Listen to what Heinz in the White Knights' headquarters has to say
  2. Rendezvous with Gerd in Lynwood
  3. Destroy the corruption that has appeared in the forests of Lynwood
  4. Defeat the enemy encountered
  5. Seek out the enemy elsewhere
  6. Defeat the enemy encountered
  7. Seek out the enemy elsewhere
  8. Defeat the enemy encountered
  9. Talk to Gerd
  10. Return to the Audience Chamber
  11. Talk to Joseph

Quest Flow

Talk to Elliot to begin this quest.

Elliot will inform you that there are reports of an increasing number of demons in Lynwood, and that the Knights have requested for assistance. It is best that you speak to the vice commander of the White Knights, who is waiting at the Knights' headquarters before you decide to respond to the request. The quest objective will appear: listen to what Heinz has to say.

Speak to Klaus and he will tell you that searching for the mysterious island has been an adventure. However, honestly he is still much confused by the seemingly endless sea. Lise will comment on how you are well-liked by the Knights. Cecily will ask if Lynwood is a long way from here and if many people live there - and shouldn't you be leaving already?

Head to the White Knights' headquarters, where Heinz is waiting at X 58, Y 107. He will be pleased to see you and will explain the current situation. He asks if you've heard of 'infected demons'. They are strange, unidentified demons that began showing up after that huge storm. As the creatures' bodies look as if they have been infected by some strange toxic corruption or malady, people have started calling them 'infected demons'. Currently these 'infected demons' are running amok in various locations, and the Knights are barely keeping up. The infectious corruption itself seems to be ancient, and it seems that this infection originates from the island you and Gurdolin were teleported to. Others are convinced that the Black Knight is involved, but there is no confirmation of this yet. The answers likely lie on that island, but at the moment the Knights are hard-pressed with these infected demons, so Heinz cannot spare any of his men to search for the island. Heinz asks you to help out, and to meet with Gerd and his men in Lynwood. Once the threat here has been dealt with, the Knights will be able to send people out searching for the island.


The quest objective will update: meet up with Gerd in Lynwood. The commander of the White Knights will be just a little bit north of the Lynwood Portcrystal. Speak to him and he will say that the strength of the infected creatures are incredible, and he was about to evacuate the villagers. But since you're here to provide reinforcements, that would be like having an additional hundred men! Once you have finished your conversation, the quest objective will update: defeat this strange infectious corruption that has appeared in Lynwood.


Head for the spot marked on your mini-map at X 224, Y 375. When you arrive, the quest objective will update when you encounter a pack of Level 55 Infected Direwolves: eliminate them. Once you have done so, move on to the next area at X 219, Y 362. You will come across some Level 55 Infected Snow Harpies here; again, eliminate them.


Move on to the next area at X 208, Y 364. Activate the event marker there for a cutscene.


The Knights will be fighting several Infected Hobgoblins before an Infected Gorecyclops appears. You and Gerd will arrive at the scene, and Gerd will rally his men. Reinforcements have arrived, so everyone should fight. The quest objective will update: defeat the creature.


You will be fighting a Level 55 Infected Gorecyclops. Gerd will participate in this battle. Note that the creature does not have weakness core areas, and that you will have destroy the thorn-like spikes on its head and back for it to collapse to the ground.


Defeat the creature and a cutscene will play. Gerd will be pleased with the fight and thanks you for your assistance.


Lise and Cecily will also show up. Lise will congratulate you on a job well done. Cecily was greatly worried, so Lise brought her along. Cecily is impressed with your combat skills, and would like your guidance.

Lise mentions that those chosen by the dragon, will defend the dragon for they are granted the dragon's power to protect it and Lestania. However, there is some concern about this. There is talk that an Arisen will be chosen to succeed the White Dragon. Does this mean to become a new White Dragon to reign over Lestania? She finds the whole thing somewhat unnerving. If this does happen, what will happen to the Arisen? Will their power be returned to the dragon… and will they die? Or perhaps turn into wizened and wrinkly old creatures? She then says that she was merely jesting.

Cecily however, is impressed and thinks that that idea of a life fulfilled by helping the people of Lestania, and living the present without regrets regardless of the future is a very nice idea.

Lise replies that while it does sound embarrassing, it is true.

The cutscene will end, and you will acquire a new objective: talk to Gerd. He will again thank you for your aid, before saying that both of you should return to the Temple and see what other duties awaits for you.


Once you have returned to the Audience Chamber, speak to Gerd again. He wishes to discuss something with you. At the moment, the Knights are fending off the infected creatures, deploying men all over Lestania, with patrols securing the villages. However, this is only treating the symptoms so to speak. Nevertheless, leave the elimination of these infected demons to the Knights. Gerd would like the Arisen to find a way back to that island in order to discover the origin of these creatures. The Knights and the Arisen must work together in order to get through this calamity and save Lestania.

Now speak to Joseph. He will remark that both the White Knights and the Arisen are important; they are like the two wheels to Lestania's cart. Both must advance together in order to travel straight ahead. He is pleased that both units are working together since the Diamantes crisis and that the rift between the two seems to have healed.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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