MQ: The Beast's Final Moments

Basic Information

Quest Name The Beast's Final Moments
Quest Name (JP) ケモノの最期
Recommended Level Level 48
Quest Conditions - Level 47
- Zandora Wastelands Area Rank 3
Quest Rewards
- 250,000 XP
- 120,000 G
- 1,200 R

Request Text

Go to the Second Ark and eliminate everything at all costs. - Leo

Quest Objectives

  1. Storm into the Second Ark in the Betland Plains
  2. Destroy the device at the Second Ark’s lower level
  3. Defeat the Orcs
  4. Defeat Zuhl
  5. Report back to Leo in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

You can get this quest from Leo at the Audience Chamber. Speak to him and a cutscene will play.


Leo will announce that since all the preparations are done, the expedition to the Second Ark would leave at once. Gerd points out that in terms of the size of the expedition, as the Arisen have had huge losses, the Knights are more than willing to make up for their numbers and join the expedition. The enemy is out to destroy everyone, after all.


However, Leo replies that as witnessed by Gerd himself, being attacked and grievously wounded is not only a loss to the expedition, it laso gives the enemy a great advantage due to life force being drawn and stored for the enemy’s use. Therefore, Leo wants to carry out this mission with a small group of people, asking Gerd to consider the fact that the enemy would want to get more life force for its plans. Even the Temple is not safe, and Leo thinks that everyone should be ready for an enemy attack.


Gerd asks if Leo thinks that Mayleaf will be a target again. Leo says that it is likely, and entrusts her care to Gerd. Gerd agrees and adds that he will coordinate things with those stationed at Gritten Fort. Leo thanks Gerd and announces that he will be leaving right away, and the strike team should rendezvous at the Second Ark.

Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: storm into the Second Ark located at the Betland Plains.

Once you’ve entered the Second Ark, the quest objective will update: now you need to go destroy the device located at the Ark’s lower level. Make your way down.

On your way there, you may notice a message markers or two; these markers are scattered all over in the Ark. Checking them up will reveal some lingering snatches of thoughts in the Ark that for some reason you can hear. Feel free to skip this part if you’re not interested in what all the markers say.

The first marker: “A lovely and abundant age, when those who used the life force itself emerged… first, on the wild animals… then the domesticated animals… eventually, people… all to reduce the burden the dragon bears… ‘tis for the good of the future… but whose future….”

The second marker: “They knew… the life force was not equal… literally… each thing holds different amounts… the domesticated animals were not enough… even people were not enough… and so they… needed an elf….”

The third marker: “The unfortunate elf was stolen away, and the elf’s last vision was of the enormous furnace with its red flames, reflected in the face of the crimson-soaked foe… there was no emotion in their faces, their visage, their expression… among them one man chuckled alone… the man who planned it all….”

The fourth marker: “Life was brewed with stone and steel… the firm strength of the floors, the power of life - the walls’ brilliance, the flicker of life… the fusion of life and things are arts forbidden, prohibited by the king, by the dragon… yet he continued in secret… in the golden glow that lit the darkness, his heart enthralled.”

The fifth marker: “The evil one was a confidant of the king, a loyal retainer who practised alchemy… and so the king had faith in him… the king does not know the truth, trusting the words of a friend… the Alchemist had ambitions, and he also had a gift of the tongue… his words were affectations in light… our poor lord, blind to the hidden darkness…”

The final marker: “When we discovered the devious plan… ‘twas already too late… the red-hot furnace filled with life force… overflowed with the soul of the elf… bathed in the blaze, the king emerged as a dragon….”

You can choose to either fight the enemies in the Ark or just run past them, but you will have to open some doors by destroying the huge mass of flesh and the enemies contained within - mostly Alchemised Skeletons.


Once you reach the huge chamber at the lower level, you will find an event marker. Activate it and a cutscene will play.


Zuhl will mock the expedition of Arisen and Knights, saying that they should have come in larger numbers. He finds them an annoyance and calls for a group of Orcs.


He orders the Orcs to kill the expedition, making sure that the former do not have any losses.


Leo then says that he will take care of Zuhl, and you should clear the way.

Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: defeat the Orcs. There are five Level 48 Orcs for you to take care of. Once they have been defeated, another cutscene will play.


Zuhl will walk to the device in the chamber, laughing as the device is charged with the life force taken in the battle. The device opens a rift in the sky, summoning yet another Ark to Lestania.


The Third Ark’s crash is felt even in the Second Ark.


Zuhl then produces a Vessel and is pleased at the abundant life force, laughing maniacally. Leo then orders the party to attack.

The quest objective will update: destroy Zuhl. Level 48 Zuhl is a tough enemy boss with strong physical and magickal attacks. Also note that you cannot escape from this battle; warping to the Temple will just warp you back to this chamber.

Once you have defeated Zuhl, another cutscene will play.


Zuhl drops to his knees, grievously wounded, gasping as he observes how his own life force is being drawn out. He mutters with his dying breath that he does not want to die, he wants to live. He mentions that he should be the one to 'open the gate'.


Leo delivers the finishing blow. He tells you to retrieve Zuhl’s Vessel of Life and then return to the Temple so the life force in the Vessel can be presented to the White Dragon.

Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update again: report back to Leo in the Audience Chamber. Make your way back to the Temple. There will be an event marker in the Audience Chamber; activate it for another cutscene.


Gerd will curse at his failure when Leo was away; while he and his Knights repelled an attack by demons, a Third Ark has appeared in the sky, and meanwhile ‘that woman’ - referring to Iris - is still on the loose.


Leo reassures Gerd that some things are beyond his control, such as the demon attack and the arrival of the new Ark.


Mayleaf interrupts the conversation, shouting for Joseph. The elf girl announces that Mysial is gone, taken away just like she was. She says that the person who took Mysial away said to “come to Mergoda with Zuhl’s Vessel of Life”. When Leo asks her who said that, she answers, “It was Iris.” Leo then says that this can no longer be avoided and everyone should make their preparations.

The cutscene will end and the quest will be marked as completed.

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