MQ: Straying Power

Basic Information

Quest Name Straying Power
Quest Name (JP) 彷徨えし力
Recommended Level Level 65
Quest Conditions Level 65
Quest Rewards
- 123,000 XP
- 40,000 G
- 3,000 R

Request Text

To tap into the stagnant Dragon Force, meet Leo who awaits at the Temple of Purification. - Leo

Quest Objectives

  1. Go meet Leo, who is waiting at the Temple of Purification - 禊の神殿
  2. Head for Leo, who waits at the back of the Temple
  3. Head for the place where Dragon Force lies stagnant
  4. Defeat the Phantasmic Great Dragon - 淀みし大竜力
  5. Go meet Cecily at the White Dragon Temple
  6. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it is recommended that you attempt this Main Quest with a full party (pawns or Arisen).


Talk to Joseph to begin this quest.

Joseph will inform you that a messenger from Leo had arrived. The message said that you should come immediately, as Leo is ready and is waiting for you. Leo is waiting for you at the Temple of Purification - 禊の神殿, and Joseph asks you to be on your own guard even at such a familiar place.

The quest objective will update: head for the Temple of Purification in the Betland Plains. Once you enter, the quest objective will tell you to head for the back of the Temple, where Leo is waiting.


You will find Leo waiting for you at the huge chamber at the back of the Temple as well as an event marker. Speak to him and he will ask if you are impatient; he feels the same. Activate the marker and a cutscene will play.


Leo will say that you and him should get started. He tells you that guided by information in ancient manuscripts, he has reformed this orb out of the Dragon Tears you had collected. A dragon now waits for you, likely one that has no compassion nor pity. It exists for Arisen who seek greater power, and it takes the form of the White Dragon.


Leo then brandishes the orb in his hand and it will emit a blinding glow. The cutscene will end.


Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: head for the place where Dragon Force lies stagnant. You will find yourself in a deeper part of the Temple.


Simply head north, where Leo waits for you in front of a pair of massive doors with the carvings of a dragon. Speak to him and he will tell you that the power that both of you and him seek lies right ahead. He has been waiting for this and asks that you and him fight this battle together. Now activate the event marker nearby for another quick cutscene.


The Level 65 Phantasmic Great Dragon - 淀みし大竜力, an image of the White Dragon itself, is ready to battle you in the great chamber. The quest objective will now update: defeat the Phantasmic Great Dragon.

The Phantasmic Great Dragon uses Holy-based attacks. It is weak to Dark and its Core Area lies in its chest. Leo will also participate in this battle. He will remind you throughout the battle that you are not fighting the White Dragon itself - merely its image - so do not be afraid. The Phantasmic Great Dragon on the other hand, will warn that fools who lust for power should be taught their place.


Once you have defeated the creature, another short cutscene will play. The Phantasmic Great Dragon will fall in defeat and then disappears in a blinding flash of light.


The scar on your chest and Leo's will glow, and Leo will say, "We have obtained new power." With this additional new power, you should be able to defeat the Black Knight, he adds before he leaves.

Lise and the rest of your squad show up. Lise passes you a message from Klaus, who had researched on what you and Leo had attempted. Elliot then says that the power you had just obtained was Dragon Force in its purest form. Gurdolin explains that the true nature of Dragon Force is the power to heal. While it is uncertain whether you can defeat the Black Knight, he is willing to wager that this power can be used to help heal Cecily.


Meanwhile, Leo is watching your party from some distance away. He mutters to himself that he hopes that you will win that wager then adds, "Right, Iris?"

When the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: go to Cecily, who is at the White Dragon Temple. Warp back to the Temple and go to Mayleaf's home. Enter the bedroom, where Cecily lies unconscious in bed while the rest of your squad watch over her. If you speak to Lise, she will simply welcome you back. Elliot will say that everyone has been waiting for you. Loeg tells you that the pauses between Cecily's breaths are getting longer and longer, and that she does not have much time left. Now activate the event marker there for another cutscene.


Gurdolin urges you to go ahead. Elliot wonders just how exactly are you supposed to heal Cecily. Lise suggests that perhaps you should hold her. However, you simply hold your hand out to Cecily and a light from your hand seems to have an effect on her scar. The scar glows and she regains consciousness. Elliot is greatly relieved that it worked.

Cecily thanks you for helping her again. Elliot asks her how she feels, and she replies that she feels that she is filled with great power. When she asks about it, Elliot explains that this was thanks to the Dragon Force.


Cecily says that she has remembered almost everything. She is the Arisen of the continent of Phindym - Cecily, the Arisen of the Spirit Dragon Willmia.

The cutscene will end and you will have a new objective: report back to Joseph.

Speak to Lise before you go and she will congratulate you. Cecily would like to know what you and the rest did for her when she lay dying. Loeg will express his thanks and relief that everything turned out well. Elliot is excited that Cecily has regained her memories, while Gurdolin is pleased that a young girl like Cecily did not die in the end.

Leave the bedroom and head for the Audience Chamber. If you stop to speak to Mayleaf, she will say now that everything's all right, she can finally sleep in peace, before she yawns and says that she is growing sleepy.

Return to the Audience Chamber and speak to Joseph. After your report, he notes that Cecily is the Arisen from Phindym and of the Spirit Dragon. The Arisen of Phindym will eventually become a dragon; it turns out that everyone here has been sheltering the 'chosen' Arisen all along!

He also observes that Lestania has two dragons - the White Dragon and the Golden Dragon; what would happen if there was a new dragon? He wonders on how poor Cecily is to return to Phindym, and says that everyone should try to figure it out.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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