MQ: Soldiers of the Rift

Basic Information

Quest Name Soldiers of the Rift
Quest Name (JP) 異界の戦士
Recommended Level Level 5
Quest Conditions Solo play (No pawn party members)
Quest Rewards
- 3,500 XP
- 6,000 G
- 300 R

Request Text

In order to forge a contract with a pawn, head to the Pawn Settlement and undergo the trial. - Iris

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the village of Tel via the Portcrystal and hear what Alfred has to say
  2. Check the area information with Alfred
  3. Go through the Hunter’s Secret Passage and head to the Pawn Settlement
  4. Get information in the Pawn Settlement
  5. Activate and register the Pawn Cathedral Portcrystal
  6. Talk to Alvar

Quest Flow

This Main Quest is the first part in order to obtain your pawn. Talk to Iris in the Audience Chamber to start the quest. A cutscene will play.


Iris apologises as it’s her duty to guide the newly Arisen, but she’s occupied right now as she wants to join the team that’s investigating the Ark. She tells you that you should go to the Pawn Settlement - ポーン郷. To get there, you should ask directions from Alfred in the village of Tel. You’ve already met him; Alfred is the Hidell Plains Area Master. She tells you that Alfred is a veteran of the area because he is an Arisen - but keep this a secret!

When the cutscene ends, the quest will give you an objective: go to the Tel village using the Portcrystal and talk to Alfred. You can also go to Tel on foot.


Talk to Alfred once you get to Tel. Alfred will recognise you and thank you for your efforts in Envoy of Reconciliation. He introduces himself again as an Arisen and the Area Master of Hidell Plains, just like Iris said. He explains a little about the role of an Area Master; among others, Area Masters will pay in items for information, and give access to places blocked to you upon increase in Area Rank. To increase the local Area Rank, you must complete various tasks and missions in the area.

When you tell him that you want to go to the Pawn Settlement, Alfred says that your work as Leo’s envoy was good enough for him to open a sealed area for you. He tells you that to go to the Pawn Settlement via the Hunter’s Secret Passage - 狩人の抜け穴 - and the passage is a bit dangerous, but should not be a problem for you. He also increases your Area Rank.

The quest objective will now update: check the area information. Talk to Alfred to increase your Area Rank. Your Rank will increase to 2, and you now have access to Hunter’s Secret Passage. A tutorial on Area Ranks will also appear.


The quest objective will update again: go to the Pawn Settlement via the Hunter’s Secret Passage, which is located at X 193, Y 300. Exit the passage and you will find yourself in Mysree Forest. Make your way up the path and head for the Pawn Settlement at X 177, Y 362.


The settlement is actually a cathedral and some ruins. Enter the building and the quest objective will update: get information.


Now speak to Thomasson, the pawn standing right in front of the steps. He will recognise you as a Newly Arisen and welcome you to the pawn settlement, a place where the pawns gather. He tells you that their leader here is Alvar, who can be found in the cathedral; but first, he says that you ought to register with the Portcrystal to your left.


The quest will update accordingly.


Once you have registered the Portcrystal, the quest will give you a new objective: talk to Alvar. He will welcome you to the Pawn Settlement and introduce himself before giving an explanation on pawns.

A pawn is a soldier from another world. Pawns cannot die; they return to the other world when they fall in battle, then resurrected. Pawns are reliable companions on the battlefield, as well as for crafting equipment for their Arisen. If you wish to forge a contract with a pawn of your own, you will have to travel into the Rift. Once you are ready to do so, speak to Alvar again.

The quest will then be marked as completed.

You can now begin A Servant’s Pledge - しもべの契り.

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