MQ: Resolutions and Omens

Basic Information

Quest Name Resolutions and Omens
Quest Name (JP) 覚悟と兆し
Minimum Level Level 15
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards None

Quest Objectives

  1. Make your way to Gritten Fort with Leo and Iris
  2. Defeat all Orcs in the fort

Quest Flow


This is the first main quest in the game. It begins when your character awakens as a Newly Arisen at a battle with an Orc raiding party at Gritten Fort. This quest is pretty much a basic combat tutorial for your character. You will start at Level 15 just for this quest. When the quest is over, your character will be at Level 1.

The White Dragon will mark you as a Newly Arisen, and while you are still confused from the change, you fail to notice an Orc heading directly for you. You barely manage to dodge the Orc’s first attacks when you do notice him, but thankfully Leo shows up to save you. He then asks you, “Newly Arisen?” He finishes off the Orc that attacked you, then tells you ‘to remember this stench’, since that foul smell is how you can tell an Orc horde is coming.

Leo then points out Gritten Fort to you, and says that both of you should run and head for it. Iris shows up, and tells both of you, “Hurry! Orc-chan is getting away!” Leo then tells you that the White Dragon has bestowed a special blessing on a Newly Arisen’s first battle, so feel free to go on a rampage and don’t hold anything back as you make your way to the fort.

Once the conversation with Leo and Iris is over, make your way to the fort. You will encounter Goblins, Killer Bees and Orcs along the way.

Leo and Iris will also fight. Once you reach the fort, enter.


A short cutscene will play. The Main Quest will update with a new objective - you need to help the fort's defenders and defeat all the Orcs in the fort. You will encounter several Orcs and Goblins.

Leo, Iris and several NPCs in the fort like Silas and Talcott will also fight in the battle. Kill all the Orcs and Goblins and then head into the inner courtyard to finish off the rest of the Orc raiding party.

Another cutscene will play when all the Orcs have been defeated. Leo asks you if you’re all right, but since you’re just gasping there like a fish he comes to the obvious conclusion that you’re exhausted. He explains that you did rather well for your first battle and that things will get easier as you get more accustomed to the White Dragon’s blessing and grow stronger. He then tells you to get some rest and that he’ll explain things at the Temple. Iris also takes pity on you.

The special blessing the White Dragon bestows on a Newly Arisen’s first battle Leo spoke of refers to how your Arisen is at Level 15 and equipped with some decent gear just for this battle. After the end of the battle at Gritten Fort, you have to start at Level 1; the ‘special blessing’ for your first battle is gone. Your stuff is gone too, so you just end up with the basic weapons and equipment.


This quest will be marked as completed when you appear at the White Dragon Temple and talk to Fabio.

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