MQ: Negotiations

Basic Information

Quest Name A Fresh Incident
Quest Name (JP) あらたな異変
Recommended Level Level 64
Quest Conditions Level 64
Quest Rewards
- 103,000 XP
- 28,000 G
- 2,300 R

Request Text

Go to Leo's Hideout in Dowe Valley so Cecily can compare her memories with Loeg's - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Gurdolin at the entrance of Leo's Hideout in Dowe Valley
  2. Head for Leo's Hideout deep within the dungeon
  3. Defeat the enemy encountered
  4. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. He mentions that he will leave figuring out a way to defeat the Black Knight to you, but he believes that there may be a way to get Cecily's memories back. Perhaps a meeting between Cecily and Loeg should be done, so the two can compare memories. Either one of their memories can be a seed that could trigger the growth of others, so to speak. He asks you if this idea is worth trying out. Leo obviously has his own expectations and reservations, so there is no choice but to try to reason and convince him about this. Joseph informs you that he heard that Leo has set himself up in Dowe Valley, so he asks you to go there and try to convince Leo about this.

The quest objective will update: head to Dowe Valley and talk to Gurdolin, who is waiting at the entrance of Leo's Hideout - レオのアジト.

If you talk to Lise, she will comment on Joseph's knowledge that Leo is in Dowe Valley and that it is not good to hold information back. Elliot will wonder why Leo has reservations; is it because he is worried about Cecily?


Leo's Hideout is located at X 276, Y 326. When you arrive, your squad will be waiting for you. Talk to Gurdolin and he will inform you that Leo's hiding place is deep within the dungeon. He says that you should go on ahead, while he brings up the rear guard and keep the young ones between both of you, and watch out for any attacks from the Black Knight.

Speak to Elliot and he express his doubts that a meeting between Cecily and Loeg will be of use; Cecily seems to have forgotten a great deal, while Loeg may only know half of the story. Talk to Lise and she will mention that even if Leo is hiding here, there is an ominous feel about the place and it is best to be careful.

The quest objective will update: head into the depths of the dungeon. Enter and proceed within.


Your party will have to fight a Level 62 Armoured Cyclops near X 55, Y -75 in order to gain further access in the dungeon.


Once you have defeated the creature, proceed until you reach the door at X 56, Y -132 that leads to Leo's hiding place. Enter and you will reach the entrance to a courtyard.


Activate the event marker for a quick cutscene.


A Manticore will show itself. Once the cutscene ends, your party will automatically enter into battle with the Level 64 Manticore. The quest objective will update: defeat the creature. Once you have killed the Manticore, another cutscene will begin to play.


Leo has been watching you all this while. He wryly thanks you for saving him from having to clean up. Gurdolin then asks him if he has any intention of returning to the Temple. Leo replies that he has changed and ever since he left, he has not thought of the Temple at all. Lise asks him if he has even forgotten about being an Arisen and the White Dragon.

Leo replies that he thinks that the Arisen are merely instruments of power; used to find and fill the Vessels with power and to give them to the White Dragon, who created the Arisen. He asks if you agree. He turns away and leaves; you follow him while Gurdolin calls Leo a coward for resorting to sophistry as an excuse for running away.


Leo will take you to meet Loeg. Loeg says to Leo that perhaps it would be all right to tell his story to you. Leo then informs you that Loeg has not been in good health and as you can see, there is no cure for his condition. He asks you what will you do. Gurdolin says that this could be a trick to send in a spy if they were to take Loeg back to the Temple.


Loeg swears that is not the case. He tells you that he heard that there is a healer - a specialist - in Lestania who can cure the illness. He begs you to let him see that person. Elliot then checks on Loeg's condition and tells you that Loeg is burning up, and he should be brought in.


Lise asks you if the squad should return. In a way, the squad has accomplished its mission, though the reason for a reunion with their 'former' leader is somewhat regrettable. Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: report back to Joseph.


If you speak to Leo before you leave, Leo will ask you if it was Joseph's idea for you to come here. He asks you to tell Joseph that currently there is no ill will between them, but who knows in the future.

Return to the Temple and report back to Joseph. He thanks you for your good work and informs you that Loeg is currently staying at Mayleaf's home. He is being taken care of by Pamela. As for the idea of comparing his memories with Cecily's, that will have to wait until his health has improved. He then remarks on Leo's strange behaviour and confesses that even after contemplation, the Arisen are beyond his understanding.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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