MQ: Loeg's Illness

Basic Information

Quest Name Loeg's Illness
Quest Name (JP) ロイグの病
Recommended Level Level 64
Quest Conditions Level 64
Quest Rewards
- 108,000 XP
- 25,000 G
- 1,500 R

Request Text

Find a way to treat Loeg's illness. - Mayleaf

Quest Objectives

  1. Go find Lise, who is in Mayleaf's bedroom
  2. Ask Camus at the Pawn Cathedral about the treatment of the scarlet sickness
  3. Ask Alvar about the locations of the medicinal plant required to make the medicine
  4. Find the place where the medicinal plants grow based on the hints given
  5. Deliver the herbs to Camus
  6. Return to Loeg's side
  7. Report back to Mayleaf

Quest Flow


To start this quest, talk to Mayleaf in the Audience Chamber. She will greet you before informing you that Lise is looking into a cure for Loeg and wishes to discuss it with you. She is pleased that there are prospects for cure and asks that you go to her home, where Loeg is currently being taken care of.

The quest objective will update: go and speak to Lise, who is in Mayleaf's bedroom.

Speak to Joseph before you leave and he will muse on how Loeg's symptoms are similar to an illness that fell on him when he was a child, before he stops himself and tells you to pay no mind to a layperson's judgement. Klaus will tell you that Loeg's illness is unique to Phindym, and he is worried that it is could be contagious.


Go to Mayleaf's home, which is located at X 46, Y 100 in the Temple. If you speak to Pamela, she will say that Lise has been great at helping out. The knight will merely ask if you are looking for someone. Enter Mayleaf's bedroom and you will find Lise and Cecily hovering over Loeg. Activate the event marker in the room for a cutscene.


Lise will say that there is no physician in Loeg's hometown in Phindym; it seems that there, someone is fated to either recover from an illness, or not. Lise says then this illness must be cured. Abandoning this to the chances of fate is ridiculous. It seems that Loeg's illness is the 'scarlet sickness'. It is an illness of long ago and since nowadays no one is suffering from it, the remedy for it has been forgotten.


Therefore, it is best to find someone with the knowledge of ancient illnesses, like Camus in the Pawn Cathedral. Lise asks that you go there and ask Camus about this. The quest objective will then update accordingly when the cutscene ends.

If you speak to Cecily after the cutscene, she will tell you that Loeg says that everyone in his hometown believes that the illness is a punishment for past wrongs.


The quickest way to the Pawn Cathedral would be to warp to the Portcrystal there. Camus can be found at the uppermost floor in the cathedral. Talk to Camus and he will greet you, saying that he heard that you have been promoted to captain of your own squad before he asks what he can do for you today. When you explain it to him, he says that the scarlet sickness is a rare illness that is caused by the pollen of a certain flower that is now almost extinct, since the Orcs consumed it. He asks you for more details on the patient, then tells you that he understands when you say that you cannot tell him any more. He then tells you that the remedy for the illness requires a certain medicinal plant as an ingredient. Alvar knows more details about where the medicinal plant grows.


The quest objective will update: ask Alvar about where the medicinal plant can be found. He tells you that the plant needed to cure the scarlet sickness grows where the winds sing under the sun and the stars, and where birds sing and water roars over rocky cliffs. Alvar is speaking of Dowe Valley, a place with strong winds and waterfalls.


Now head to Dowe Valley. Check your mini-map and you will see several locations marked; each is the location to the medicinal plant needed for the remedy. Simply go to one of the locations and pick a plant at the glowing spot. Once you have the item, return to Camus and speak to him. He will note that you have found the ingredient and will prepare the remedy. He also says that it will take quite some time, so you should return to the Temple and wait.

The quest objective will update: return to Loeg's side. Go back to Mayleaf's bedroom and activate the event marker for another cutscene.


Lise will inform Loeg that a message from Camus has arrived, stating that the remedy will be completed sooner than expected and will be brought soon; Loeg will be cured.

Loeg then expresses his thanks to everyone for helping him. Even if his illness cannot be cured, he will not forget the kindness shown to him. Lise says to him not to worry about it.


Loeg replies that this makes him feel important, like a leader or a lord. He is in awe that there is a cure for his illness in the White Dragon's land. Lise tells him that all the sick should be treated, for everyone wishes to live. Loeg seems a little surprised at this, then says that this land is indeed a good place.

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: report back to Mayleaf.

If you speak to Cecily before you leave, she will tell you that she will wait until Loeg's health improves before she will discuss things carefully with him. Lise will say now that the illness is taken care of, all that is left is to compare memories.

Mayleaf will be pleased when you tell her that Loeg will be cured, and she tells you that she will return home after she speaks with the White Dragon for a bit.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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