MQ: Homecoming

Basic Information

Quest Name Homecoming
Quest Name (JP) 帰郷
Recommended Level Level 69
Quest Conditions Level 69
Quest Rewards
- 400,000 XP
- 50,000 G
- 4,000 R

Request Text

While searching for clues on Cecily's father's whereabouts, head for Cecily's hometown. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Dana Village and talk to Cecily
  2. Pay a visit to the Area Master of Elan Water Grove, Muselle
  3. Talk to Tóireasa, the ferrywoman at the pier.
  4. Board the boat and go to the cave located at the opposite shore
  5. Go through the cave and head for the village of Morfaul
  6. Defeat the enemy encountered
  7. Go through the cave and head for the village of Morfaul
  8. Go to the village of Morfaul
  9. Activate the Portcrystal at Morfaul
  10. Go to the Morfaul Centrum and talk to Arthfael
  11. Find Cecily
  12. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.

Talk to Joseph to begin this quest.

Joseph will ask on the state of affairs of the locals in Phindym. Their histories differ greatly from that of Lestania, and thus their way of life and beliefs must surely be different as well. He tells you to seize this wonderful opportunity to learn more, but cautions you from being influenced by strange things; he is particularly concerned about Elliot and Lise on this.

The first quest objective will appear: go to Dana Village and talk to Cecily.


Warp to Dana and you will find your squad and Cecily in the village. Talk to Lise and she will mention that she thinks the statement that the villagers are all brave soldiers is no lie. Their beliefs revolve around arms and combat; fighting is all that matters, the background and lineage of opponents - things like these. Elliot will wonder where Loeg is and hopes that he is safe. Gurdolin will ask you if they should look for Cecily's father, Gearóid - ガラダ.1

Talk to Cecily and she will tell you that she has asked around in the village, but still does not know of his whereabouts. She thinks that she might as well return to her hometown of Morfaul - モルフォール in her search for clues of her father's whereabouts. She asks you to take a detour on the way to Morfaul. She was going to search the Elan Water Grove, and it appears that the Area Master there, Muselle, has returned to the Protector's Retreat - 守り人の庵. Muselle has a great knowledge of things in the area, and Cecily pleads that you pay a visit to her. Perhaps there are traces or clues of Cecily's father left behind.

The quest objective will update: pay a visit to the Area Master of Elan Water Grove, Muselle.


Warp back to the Elan Water Grove Portcrystal at the path leading to the Protector's Retreat. Enter the Protector's Retreat at X 218, Y 399 and you will find Muselle in the small building.


Talk to Muselle. She will be relieved to know that Cecily has returned safely, then notes that you must be the Arisen of Lestania spoken of in the rumours going around. She regrets to say that unfortunately, there is no evidence that Cecily's father, Gearóid, was in Elan Water Grove. Perhaps he has gone where no one has dared to tread. She says that for now, it is best that you follow Cecily and head for Morfaul as well. She then tells you how to get there; you should go and talk to the ferrywoman at the pier of Elan Water Grove, Tóireasa - トレアサ.2 She also welcomes you here anytime.

(Note that the facilities in the Protector's Retreat are now fully accessible.)


Exit the building and go to the pier at X 189, Y 359. Activate the mini Portcrystal there if you have not.

Talk to Tóireasa. She will acknowledge that Muselle sent you and asks if you are ready to go to the opposite shore.


The quest objective will update again: board the boat and go to the cave located at the opposite shore. Activate the shining marker near the boat to do so.


Once you're at the other side of the bank, go to the entrance to the Narrow Path to Morrow - モローへの小路 at X 177, Y 358. Enter and the quest objective will update: make your way through the cave all the way to the other side, then head for Morfaul.


Some distance in the cave amidst some carcasses of animals, you will come across an event marker at X 48, Y -56. Activate it for a brief cutscene.


Cecily will warn you that a demon is approaching.


The demon is a Severely Infected Gorecyclops. She adds that if you do not kill the beast, then the party will not be able to pass.

Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: defeat the creature. The Level 69 Path-Blocking Severely Infected Gorecyclops (Slight) - 行く手を阻む狂侵ゴアサイクロプス・軽度 will be accompanied by three Level 69 Infected Direwolves - 侵食ダイアウルフ.

Another short cutscene will play once you have defeated the enemy.


The Severely Infected Gorecyclops will fall, and Cecily will congratulate you on the victory.


She tells you that her hometown Morfaul is straight on ahead, then asks you to go ahead while she looks for signs of her father and she will see you at the village.


Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update again: make your way through the cave, exit and head for the village of Morfaul.


Head northeast. The village is located at X 208, Y 317. Enter and you will find an event marker near the gate. Activate it for yet another cutscene.


You and Cecily will be greeted by two men, Mordred - モードレッド and Dingus - ディンガス. Mordred is surprised to see that Cecily is safe and sound, while Dingus asks her where has she been. Cecily apologises for making them worry, then asks them where is her father and if Loeg has returned. Dingus replies that he does not know where Loeg is, while Mordred says that Cecily's father is looking for cure for the Tree called the Primeval Drop - 原始の雫 and that he had gone with three other men to the Demon's Gorge - 魔の峡谷.


Cecily is shocked and exclaims, 'Only four men?' then adds that she needs to go there. Mordred says that he knows how she feels, but those who went with Gearóid are fine soldiers and she should put her faith in them. Mordred notes that you seem to be exhausted from your travels and invites you to stay, for Gearóid would do the same if he were here.


The quest objective will update: activate the Portcrystal at Morfaul.


Once you have done so, go to the Morfaul Centrum - モルフォールのセントラム.


You will find the local Area Master inside. Now talk to Arthfael.3 Arthfael will introduce himself as a servant of the Central Tree and the Spirit Dragon, Willmia. He tells you that they serve and protect the Spirit Land and its core, the Central Tree, as well as serve the Spirit Dragon. However, he fears that now they may lose it all. If the Tree is infected by some sickness, it was expected that the abundant Dragon Force would cure it, but the sickness was more complicated than it seemed.

The Spirit Dragon tried to heal the Tree with its healing powers, but even with the power of a dragon, the sickness infected and overcame the Spirit Dragon, driving it insane. Their only hope now lies in Gearóid's discovery in ancient texts of something called the 'Primeval Drop'. The Primeval Drop is water from the ancient age when the Tree was first formed, and it is capable of neutralising all poisons and toxins. They are all praying for Gearóid's successful return with the Primeval Drop.

Once the conversation ends, the quest objective will update: seek out Cecily.


Cecily will be outside at the arbour, at X 214, Y 325. Activate the event marker nearby for another cutscene.


She will tell you that she dearly loves the view here, where one can observe the many colours and guises of dawn, morning, rain, evening and moonlit nights. When she was chosen as Arisen she was proud, but at the same time worried. Would she be able to live up to the expectations and responsibilities of an Arisen? It already seems that she is unable to do so. But as she spent time with you and the rest in Lestania, she realised that the life of an Arisen is not meant to be alone. Everyone is doing their best and working hard to protect what they hold dear, taking it by firm steps, one at a time.


She understands this now, and she thanks you for it. She also tells you that she will hesitate no longer.

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: report back to Joseph.

Warp back to the White Dragon Temple and head to the Audience Chamber. Talk to Joseph and he will be pleased to see your safe return. He notes from your report that the land in Phindym is sickly and its Dragon has gone mad. As the Dragon's own Dragon Force is corrupted, this in turn poisons the very land and spreads throughout the world - a great disaster indeed. Cecily arrived here and it is possible that the same thing can happen to Lestania; perhaps it is a warning of sorts. If that is the case, Lestania owes the Dragon of Phindym its gratitude.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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