Main Quests「メインクエスト」



Main Quests are required to be completed in order to advance the storyline, as well as to access certain functions and areas.

Main Quest requirements are usually level-based; the player Arisen is required to attain a particular level with at least one vocation, as well as completing the previous Main Quest in the storyline.

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Quest List


Season 1: The White Dragon

(Some Season 1 main quests can be found at our Tumblr. We are still in the process of updating the wiki with more detailed versions. In the meantime, please refer to the Tumblr for the rest of the Season 1 main quests.)

Season 1.0

Season 1.1

  • Lvl 40 - The Girl Clad in Darkness - 闇を纏う娘
  • Lvl 40 - The Stolen Heart - 奪われた心
  • Lvl 41 - The Roars of A Thousand - 千の咆哮
  • Lvl 41 - Return to Yore - いにしえに帰る
  • Lvl 43 - A Friendly Visit - 友の来訪
  • Lvl 43 - The Course of Life - 命の行方

Season 1.2

Note: There were no additional Main Quests in the Season 1.3 update.


Season 2: The Spirit Dragon's Kingdom

Season 2.0

Season 2.1

Season 2.2

Season 2.3

  • Lvl 75 - The Spirit Land - 精霊の地
  • Lvl 75 - Within the Tree - 浸された樹内
  • Lvl 75 - Restoration Requirements - 復活の条件
  • Lvl 77 - Reason and Bonds - 理と絆
  • Lvl 77 - The New Generation - 新しい世代
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