MQ: Gallant Footsteps

Basic Information

Quest Name Gallant Footsteps
Quest Name (JP) 勇敢なる足跡
Recommended Level Level 70
Quest Conditions Level 70
Quest Rewards
- 450,000 XP
- 52,000 G
- 4,200 R

Request Text

Go after Cecily's father to where he had gone. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Morfaul and talk to Cecily
  2. Learn of Gearóid's destination from Arthfael
  3. Head to Kingal Canyon from the Farana Plains border checkpoint
  4. Go to Glyndŵr and activate its Portcrystal
  5. Talk to Ciarán, the Area Master of Glyndŵr - グリンデュア
  6. Go to Gearóid's destination, the Shadolean Great Temple - シェドレアン大神殿
  7. Talk to Cecily
  8. Search for Gearóid
  9. Return to Morfaul and check up on Gearóid's condition
  10. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.

Talk to Joseph to begin this quest.

Joseph will note that the three Arisen under your command - Gurdolin, Elliot and Lise - seem to have turned out to be very reliable. You should go on ahead and leave early, as he is certain that your subordinates are not the only ones who need you.

The first quest objective will appear: go to Morfaul and talk to Cecily.


Warp to Morfaul and you will find Cecily and your squad waiting for you.

Talk to Lise and she will grumble on how the squad seem to end up being too late or never in time, so she suggests that you move ahead quickly this time around. Gurdolin will say that he heard this 'Primeval Drop - 原始の雫' is not something that can be easily obtained. Elliot will wonder why Cecily's father did not wait for his daughter, who is a soldier as strong as he is. It is likely that he wanted to go with her, but could not afford to wait any longer. In a way, it is because of the squad that Cecily's return was delayed… perhaps they are responsible in some way.

Talk to Cecily and she informs you that while she hopes to go ahead and search for her father with your squad following to the east; she will find your presence heartening. She plans to go to Kingal Canyon and all the necessary arrangements have been made by Arthfael.


The quest objective will update: talk to Arthfael and learn of Gearóid's destination. Head to the Morfaul Centrum - モルフォールのセントラム and you will find the Area Master inside. Talk to him and he will tell you that Gearóid was headed for Kingal Canyon, which is further east from here, past Dana Village and Farana Plains. The border checkpoint at the route from Farana Plains to Kingal Canyon has been opened. Once you have arrived in Kingal Canyon, you will need to go to the village of Glyndŵr - グリンデュア.1 At the village, find Ciarán - キアラン.2


The quest objective will update: head for the border checkpoint and then go to Kingal Canyon from there. The border checkpoint is located in Farana Plains at X 272, Y 327. Easiest route will be to warp to Dana Village in Farana Plains, then leave the village and head east.

Go past the checkpoint and the quest objective will update: head to Glyndŵr and activate its Portcrystal. The village gate is located at X 277, Y 300.


The Portcrystal is just a little further ahead, at X 281, Y 299. Activate it.


Once it has been activated, find Ciarán, the Area Master of Glyndŵr. He can be found in the village's Centorum - グリンデュア・セントラム at X 280, Y 304.


Talk to Ciarán and he will remind you to activate the Portcrystal if you have not done so. As for the Chief of Morfaul's whereabouts, Gearóid was doing some investigation in this area and some days ago he set out for a an ancient temple called the Shadolean Great Temple - シェドレアン大神殿. Cecily has gone ahead and you should hurry there.


Now head to Gearóid's destination, the Shadolean Great Temple - シェドレアン大神殿. The temple is located northeast of the village, at X 314, Y 283.


Enter and you will find Cecily and your comrades waiting. The quest objective will update: talk to Cecily.

Talk to Elliot and he will inform you that he could not find traces of people making camp in and around the temple. Chief Gearóid and his men must have rushed ahead; Elliot is concerned if they were tired. He suggests that the squad should go after them quickly. Gurdolin warns you that ancient places like this temple are usually full of dangers - a rule that commonly applies regardless of age and location. Lise notes that Cecily's father, Gearóid, is also the head of all the clans in Phindym. It would be a disaster if anything dreadful happened to him.

Cecily informs you that she did not see her father and he must have gone inside the temple. She feels uneasy about this and urges you to hurry.


The quest objective will update: search for Gearóid. Now go ahead to the Shadolean Great Temple Central Area - シェドレアン大神殿 中央部.


Enter and you will have to fight several Level 70 Key Guardian Grigori - 鍵番グリゴリ, which are accompanied by several Level 70 Gargoyles.


Once you have defeated the creatures, go up the staircase. There is a lever you have to turn on in order to open the main door. The lever is located in the alcove at X 50, Y 86. Activate it and then go back downstairs. You will find the main door open. Enter and proceed through the corridor.


You will reach a small chamber where Gearóid and several men lie unconscious on the floor. Activate the glowing event marker nearby for a cutscene.


Elliot will examine one of the men, and Cecily says that he is one of the men who accompanied her father. Elliot points out that he has been terribly wounded, and wonders what had happened here. Lise will call out to say she has found another.


Gurdolin will call for Cecily. She will go towards him, then realises that the man on lying on the floor is her father. She falls on her knees, repeatedly apologising to her father over how she was late and did not get here in time.


Gurdolin tells her that her father is still breathing. He says that everyone should return to the village.

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: return to Morfaul and check up on Gearóid's condition. Talk to Gurdolin before you leave and he will say to you privately that Gearóid is in grave condition, and everyone should hurry back to Morfaul Village.


Warp back to Morfaul. Your squad and Cecily will be waiting. Lise will mention that this was not how she wanted to meet Cecily's father. Gurdolin will tell you that the wounds he saw on Cecily's father were deep, and there was only half a chance he would survive. Elliot says that nothing else can be done except to wait and pray.

Cecily tells you that her father has not regained consciousness. She wonders what sort of creature could inflict such terrible wounds. The men who accompanied her father were very skilled, so whatever enemy they faced must have been powerful. He was there to find a way to save the Tree, but the Primeval Drop must have been taken away. She also tells you that the way her father was attacked was more than the violence typical of demons; she had a feeling that there was a malicious intent behind it. However, she strongly believes that her father will recover, and asks you to be patient and wait.

The quest objective will update once more: report back to Joseph.

Warp back to the White Dragon Temple and head for the Audience Chamber. Joseph will be sad at the news that the only person who knows the way to save Phindym, Gearóid, has been attacked. He also believes that it seems to be more than some simple work of demons. If there is indeed a person behind this, just how deep is the darkness within that person?

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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