MQ: Exploring the Den of Monsters

Basic Information

Quest Name Exploring the Den of Monsters
Quest Name (JP) 魔窟探索
Recommended Level Level 56
Quest Conditions Level 56
Quest Rewards
- 138,000 XP
- 25,000 G
- 1,800 R

Request Text

Search Bloodbane Isle for clues on Cecily's lost memories. - Cecily

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Klaus
  2. Talk to Zerkin at the Cave Harbour
  3. Board the ship at the pier to Bloodbane Isle
  4. Talk to Gurdolin
  5. Go to the Reconnaissance Expedition Garrison and activate the Portcrystal there
  6. Talk to the Area Master, Bertrand
  7. Talk to Gurdolin
  8. Go to the nearby cave
  9. Explore the cave interior
  10. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


Talk to Cecily to activate this quest. A cutscene will play.


Cecily would like to discuss things with you. Her memories have yet to return, and she cannot remember the reason the Black Knight is after her no matter how hard she thinks. She knows that it will take some time before her memories return, but if she is to remain here, the Black Knight and Zuhl would surely find out where she is and it would put everyone in danger. Cecily believes that she needs to go far away, somewhere that will not endanger everyone here.

Elliot asks if she does not recall the White Dragon's previous words that there is no safe place in Lestania. Cecily hesitatingly says that she will try using the power that teleported you to a distant island on herself.


The White Dragon warns her that if she uses that power unsparingly, she would be consumed by it. Mortals are weak, and at times their weakness may threaten the world. Cecily however, is convinced that there is no other way. The dragon tells her that she should only use that power once she regains her memories and even then, only when it is necessary. Until then, she must never use it.

The cutscene will end and the first quest objective will appear: talk to Klaus.


Klaus excitedly proclaims the good news: the island where you encountered the Black Knight has been found! This is thanks to the good work by the White Knights and the captain of the exploration ship, Zerkin. They are calling the place Bloodbane Isle - 魔赤島(マセキトウ).

(Note: 魔赤島(マセキトウ)'masekitou' literally means 'evil red island', so we did not opt for a direct translation for this one. Blood for red, bane for evil, so Bloodbane Isle. After all, 黒呪島 or 'black curse island' became Bitterblack Isle in Dark Arisen.)

A reconnaissance expedition has already set up a garrison on the island. Passage to the island for your party has been arranged; just speak to Zerkin at the Cave Harbour.

The quest objective will update: talk to Zerkin.


The captain will remark that you seem to be ready to depart. You should board quickly, for as soon as you step on the ship, it will depart for the island. Now board the ship and activate the glowing spot to go to the island.


You will arrive at a beach to find Cecily and your squad waiting for you.


If you wish to return to the Cave Harbour, use the boat nearby.

Talk to Gurdolin and he will inform you that the Reconnaissance Expedition is still in the middle of some construction work, and that the party should head for the expedition's garrison. There are also plenty of those 'infected demons' in this place, flying and flapping about from the island. He wishes he knew where they were coming from so he can immediately put a stop to it.

Once the conversation ends, the quest objective will update: head to the Reconnaissance Expedition Garrison and activate the Portcrystal. Before that, you should unlock the mini portcrystal nearby.


The garrison's Portcrystal is located at X 59, Y 82. Activate it and you will receive a new quest objective: speak to the Area Master. Enter the garrison.


The Area Master is Bertrand, a Warrior Arisen who can be found near the local Quest Board. Speak to him and he will introduce himself as the person in charge of the garrison as well as the local Area Master. He comments about the island, which is filled with terrible things - the strange red light in the sky, as well as the good amount of monsters running about. The expedition work has just begun and it will take some time before everything in the garrison will be fully working. (Note that the north of the garrison is barred.) He advises you to use your discretion when searching on the island.


The quest objective will update again: talk to Gurdolin. He will be waiting at the entrance area. When you speak to him, he will suggest exploring the nearby cave, and you agree.


Exit the garrison and head southward to the Infected Den - 侵食魔の巣窟 at X 51, Y 87. Enter and the quest objective will update: explore the interior of the cave. Head towards the large chamber at the very end. You will encounter assorted Infected enemies here. There are also poisonous plants that spew out spores, so take caution.

Note that you will have defeat a Level 56 Infected Gorecyclops in the alcove at X 35, Y -122 in order to gain access to the chamber at the end. You will soon reach a sunlit chamber with an impressive-looking waterfall.


Activate the glowing event marker nearby for a cutscene.


Cecily will ask if she may speak for a little bit. Gurdolin says that he does not mind listening to a good tale.


Cecily says that when she arrived here, she recalls that her homeland is Phindym. Lise is excited that Cecily's memories have returned. Cecily says that she remembers only a little. Elliot asks her if Phindym is the name of this island. Cecily replies in the negative, then explains that her homeland cannot be accessed from Lestania and is a large continent. This island was somehow separated from the continent.


Lise is surprised to hear that the island was separated from the mainland. Elliot reminds everyone that this is not so hard to believe; after all, the White Dragon tore Mergoda away from the very earth. Cecily continues her tale, stating that even the creatures here are from Phindym. She needs to get back to Phindym immediately, and should just use her power here.

Lise reminds Cecily that the White Dragon warned her not to use her power until her memories have fully returned. She may not even be able to return, and the matter of the Black Knight still has to be resolved. Cecily begins to walk away, and Lise then warns her if she continues to walk away, then their friendship ends here.


Cecily notes to herself that the more she goes ahead, the more her chest hurts. Her chest will glow and reveal the mark of an Arisen. It is as if something is calling for her to return, and that her home is near.

Gurdolin notices the glowing mark on her and asks if she is an Arisen. Cecily hesitatingly replies that it is perhaps so.

The cutscene will end and now you must report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. After listening to your report, he says he has never heard of something like this before - part of a continent appearing off the coast of Lestania as a distant island. Even though those strange infected creatures that flew from the island were from Phindym, it does not explain why and how that the condition happened in the first place. Is it some form of disease, or the work of someone? Joseph wonders if the Black Knight had a hand in this. Joseph informs you that the Area Master for Bloodbane Isle is now ready and to discuss matters with Bertrand at the garrison.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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