MQ: Envoy of Reconciliation

Basic Information

Quest Name Envoy of Reconciliation
Quest Name (JP) 和解の使者
Recommended Level Level 2
Quest Conditions Completed Personal Quest: The Arisen’s Abilities
Quest Rewards
- 2,300 XP
- 4,000 G
- 200 R

Request Text

Perform your duty to eliminate demons. Resolve the heated quarrel between the White Knights and the Arisen Corps. - Leo

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Tel village
  2. Talk to Alfred at the Black Grape Inn
  3. Activate and set the Tel village Portcrystal as a favourite
  4. Investigate the Abandoned House Cellar - 廃屋の地下室
  5. Defeat the enemy encountered
  6. Report the result to Alfred
  7. Return to the Knights’ location
  8. Return to the White Dragon Temple using the Tel Portcrystal and report back to Leo in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

You can start this main quest after completing The Arisen’s Abilities and by talking to Leo in the Audience Chamber. You will find Leo in a conversation with a messenger.


A short cutscene will play. As soon as the messenger leaves, Leo will beckon to you and say that you came just at the right time. He asks you to go to the village of Tel - テル right away. The village had requested for help to exterminate some demons, and Leo had dispatched an Arisen without knowing that the White Knights had already responded to the request.


The Arisen Leo had sent to Tel, Gurdolin, is a skilled demon-slayer but he is also rude and uncouth; he may get into an argument with the Knights. Leo wants to avoid a conflict with the Knights and he wants you to tell Gurdolin to report back immediately. He adds that the village of Tel is located southeast of the Temple and that you should refer to your map.

The quest will display the current objective: head over to Tel at X 207, Y 298. When you arrive at the village, you will find the Knights and the Arisen in a heated argument.


Go to the shining event marker nearby and activate it to continue the next part of the quest.

A new cutscene will play. Heinz and Gurdolin are arguing. When you arrive, Gurdolin wants to know who you are and when you tell him that Leo sent you, he asks that you relay Leo’s message quietly so the Knights do not hear you. When you tell Gurdolin that Leo has ordered for him to return, he gets annoyed since Leo was so confident about the decision to send him earlier.


Heinz then demands to know what you two are talking about, but Gurdolin tells him that the Knights should mind their own business. Angered, Heinz says to Gurdolin that his words were uncalled for before he adds, “Weren’t you a Knight?”

Gurdolin says that that was over 50 years ago, and back then the Knights were proud and battle-hardened, unlike now. He accuses the Knights of being cowards, and when Heinz tries to avoid a fight and brings up the reason they are all here, Gurdolin continues to goad him.

At the end of the cutscene, the quest will update with a new objective: talk to Alfred at the Black Grape Inn to find out what’s going on.


You introduce yourself as Leo’s envoy, and Alfred explains the situation. The villagers have heard ominous noises coming from the abandoned house at the village outskirts; they believe that the noises are coming from demons. The abandoned house was once used by the Hidell church priest, but the place had long been left to ruin after the priest disappeared. It is no wonder that the place is now a nest of demons.


Alfred adds that the boorish Gurdolin is unlikely to give in at this point. At any rate, he defers to your judgement as to how you are going to carry out Leo’s instructions.


Alfred then tells you that you ought to register the Tel Portcrystal for easier travel. The quest will then update with this new objective.


Once you have set the Portcrystal, the quest will update again, this time telling you to investigate the Abandoned House Cellar - 廃屋の地下室 at X 197, Y 300.


Enter the cellar and soon enough you will encounter some Swarming Undead. The quest objective will update again to reflect your encounter with them. Now you need to clear the cellar of the Level 2 and Level 3 Undead.

Once the undead are all gone, the quest objective will update again: report the results back to Alfred. When you tell him that you have defeated the demons, Alfred will be pleased with your efforts and approves of Leo's wise decision to send you. He then introduces himself as the Hidell Plains Area Master. He tells you that you and him are likely going to communicate more often.


The quest objective will update again: go back to where the Knights and the Arisen are still arguing. Activate the quest marker again and another cutscene will play.


Gurdolin and Heinz are still at it, but thankfully Gerd arrives to defuse the situation.

Once the cutscene ends, the quest will be updated again. Return to the Temple via the Tel Portcrystal and report back to Leo in the Audience Chamber. He tells you that he received word from Gurdolin about what happened in Tel, and how you did an outstanding job at destroying the demons and managed to save the pride and reputation of the Knights in the process - even though that was not what you were ordered to do in the first place. He also tells you to say nothing more, since he has decided to forget about the matter as everything turned out all right.

He also tells you that during your absence, he was wondering if you were going to forge a contract with a pawn. Pawns are fearless soldiers who have sworn absolute loyalty to their masters, the Arisen. Additionally, they are also capable of crafting weapons and armour, and can help provide you with all kinds of equipment. If you wish to know more how to forge the contract, you should ask Iris.

Once you finish reporting to Leo, the quest will be marked as completed.

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