MQ: Eliminate the Corrosion Infestation

Basic Information

Quest Name Eliminate the Corrosion Infestation
Quest Name (JP) 侵食魔掃討作戦
Recommended Level Level 56
Quest Conditions Level 56
Quest Rewards
- 138,000 XP
- 27,000 G
- 2,100 R

Request Text

Take part in the White Knights' campaign to eliminate the strange corrosion infestation in Dreed Castle - Elliot

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the Knights' Headquarters and talk to Heinz
  2. Go to Dreed Castle and talk to Gurdolin
  3. Defeat all the infected enemies that have been lured to the castle
  4. Defeat the enemy encountered
  5. Seek out any remaining enemies
  6. Defeat the enemy encountered
  7. Seek out any remaining enemies
  8. Defeat the enemy encountered
  9. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

To begin this quest, talk to Elliot in the Audience Chamber.

Elliot will inform you that Heinz, the vice-commander of the White Knights wishes to speak to you in the Knights' headquarters regarding the strategy to be used in fighting the infected enemies.


Now speak to Heinz. He will say that though it may seem like bragging, the Knights have done a remarkable job so far; there is little to no damage caused by infected enemies to the main settlements. However, some of the more troublesome infected demons still remain, but a strategy has been formulated to take care of them. The Knights will lure the infected demons into Dreed Castle, trap and eliminate them there. Heinz needs your assistance for the battle at Dreed Castle. Of course you agree, so now you must go to Dowe Valley and head to Dreed Castle to meet up with Gurdolin.

Enter the castle and you will find Gurdolin, Cecily, Lise and Gerd in front of the main staircase.

If you to speak to Cecily, she will comment on the bravery and enthusiasm of those who will participate in this battle, and it embarrasses her for thinking of herself. Lise will remark on the tense situation and how it makes her feel more like an Arisen. Gerd will simply state that his elite troops will drive the infected enemies here and you should stand ready.

Talk to Gurdolin and he will say that none of the White Knights were willing to bet that this operation was going to fail after they discovered that you will be here.

Once you have finished talking to Gurdolin, the quest objective will update: defeat all the infected enemies that have been driven to the castle. Head for the first group of enemies near X 42, Y 93. You will come across a pack of Level 57 Infected Hobgoblins and will need to defeat them all.

The next group of enemies is near X 57, Y 112; several Level 57 Infected Snow Harpies.


Once you have taken care of the two groups, head back to the castle's main courtyard at X 50, Y 75. Activate the event marker there for a cutscene.


A large infected beast - a Level 57 Infected Behemoth will enter the courtyard. The quest objective will update: you must defeat the creature.


Once the beast is killed, a cutscene will automatically play. Gerd will address his men and order them to be alert while he confirms the enemy's death. He turns to you and says that you ought to come along. When you approach the Infected Behemoth however, it suddenly gets up and attacks. However, before it could do anything else, Leo appears to deliver the killing blow.


Leo chides you a little; there is no point in improving your skills if carelessness will lead to your death. Gerd greets him and asks him where he has been all this while. Leo replies, saying that it is a difficult question to answer. He in search of something that he does not quite know yet. At the moment he is interested in Phindym, a continent which he has never seen.


Gurdolin asks Leo what is his interest in Phindym, and Leo replies that he heard of the place from a friend called Loeg, who is from Phindym.

Leo turns to Cecily and asks if she is Cecily, and tells her that he heard from Loeg of a girl who has 'flown away'. Lise then asks Cecily if she knows of this Loeg.


Cecily asks Leo to take her to meet Loeg, but Leo replies that for the moment, it is impossible. Cecily insists that this Loeg person may be aware of what she is supposed to do, and she cannot waste this opportunity to regain her lost memories.

Leo tells her that he can see a spark in her eyes. He once saw the same spark in the eyes of two women - Iris and Mysial - and both of them had died through the designs of fate. Cecily stubbornly says that has nothing to do with her, but Leo tells her to cool her head first before they can talk again, and then leaves.

The quest objective will now update: report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber.


Speak to Joseph and he will note that Leo has resurfaced, though he doubts that Leo will return here soon. He tells you that it is important to meet this man from Phindym Leo spoke of in order to have a better idea of the situation.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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