MQ: Be Forevermore, White Dragon

Basic Information

Quest Name Be Forevermore, White Dragon
Quest Name (JP) 白竜よ永遠なれ
Recommended Level Level 55
Quest Conditions - Level 53
- No Arisen party members (pawns allowed)
Quest Rewards
- 320,000 XP
- 100,000 G
- 10,000 R

Request Text

Offer the Vessel of Life that has been filled with Diamantes' life force to the White Dragon. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Joseph

Quest Flow

This is final main quest of Season 1. You can start this quest by talking to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. A cutscene will automatically play.


Everyone will assemble in the Audience Chamber and you will present the Vessel of Life holding Diamantes' life force to the White Dragon. Upon its release, the Vessel greatly heals the White Dragon, curing the dragon of the petrification.

The White Dragon awakens, announcing that it recognises the life force offered as that of Diamantes' own.


With the White Dragon restored of its power, the Arisen in turn gain more power themselves. The dragon congratulates its beloved Arisen of this triumph. The dragon is also proud of the good people of Lestania, and thanks them all. Though the dragon has recovered, it still requires some time before it can regain its former power and fly to return to the skies.


Nevertheless this day of joy must not be forgotten, and the dragon's statement is echoed enthusiastically by those in the Audience Chamber.


Now just sit back and watch the ending and the credits for Season 1 roll.

29MQe.jpg 29MQf.jpg

Once the credits end, a short cutscene will play. Likely you noticed all the flowers Leo had placed in the locations where his comrades had fallen.


'They celebrate in the White Dragon Temple of an ancient enmity and ambition now gone, and the people believe they are in the dawn of a new age. The former Arisen turned incomplete dragon is no longer in the battle for the reason and guidance of this world. The chapter of Lestania's history of 322 years ago has now come to a close…


However, this is just the beginning.'

Season 1 ends here. Though Season 1.3 was added, no main quests were added in the 1.3 update.

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