MQ: A Strange Land's Light

Basic Information

Quest Name A Strange Land's Light
Quest Name (JP) 異郷の光
Recommended Level Level 65
Quest Conditions Level 65
Quest Rewards
- 113,000 XP
- 35,000 G
- 2,600 R

Request Text

Explore Bloodbane Isle from the new landing site with Loeg as your guide. - Cecily

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Gurdolin
  2. Talk to Zerkin at the Cave Harbour to travel to Bloodbane Isle
  3. Travel by ship to Bloodbane Isle Precipice
  4. Talk to Cecily
  5. Head for the source of the bright light over the island
  6. Explore the cave interior
  7. Defeat the enemy encountered
  8. Proceed through the cave continue heading for the source of the bright light over the island
  9. Talk to Elliot
  10. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow


Talk to Cecily to start this quest. A cutscene will play.

Cecily will say to you, Joseph and everyone that she has been going through her memories with Loeg, but could not remember anything new. Loeg had mentioned that he had seen the source of the light on Bloodbane Isle. She suggests that you all go to the island together.


Gurdolin points out the possibility of walking into an enemy ambush by the Black Knight. Lise however says that with how things are, it's not as if there is a chance of winning right now. They need something new; perhaps some weapon, magick or strategy - anything.

Cecily says if it should come to it, everyone should just escape and leave her behind. It is better to let her get captured or die, for she is certain that the Black Knight will leave this place.

Elliot scoffs at her suggestion and tells her they cannot leave her behind. Gurdolin agrees with him.


The White Dragon then reminds everyone that the island is beyond his protective reach and they should not forget this. The cutscene will end and the first quest objective will appear: talk to Gurdolin.

Speak to Cecily first and she will say though the White Dragon has given a warning, she still asks that you let her go to the island. Loeg will tell you that he knows just the place to land near the light on the island, and that he would be more than happy to guide you as thanks in return for helping him find a cure for his illness.

Lise will ask you what you plan to do if Gurdolin is right and the Black Knight is waiting at the island. Klaus will ask you to confirm whether the light is of magickal in origin or just a light source should you go to the island.

Gurdolin tells you that Cecily looks very determined and even if you tried to stop her, she would not listen anyway. It's best just to go. When the conversation ends, the quest objective will update: talk to Zerkin in order to go to Bloodbane Isle.


Zerkin will inform you that he has heard of this new landing place from Loeg; it is beneath the cliffs behind the island. He then tells you to board the ship. Now board the ship and select the new Bloodbane Isle: Precipice - 魔赤島・絶崖 option.


When you arrive at the new landing place, the quest objective will update: talk to Cecily. She will say that she and Loeg will be right behind you before she expresses her thanks.

Talk to Loeg and he will ask you to be careful, since this part of the island is Phindym's frontier and he is not that familiar with it. Gurdolin will tell you this is the first time he set foot to this area and that the party should head for the centre of the island, where the bright light is located. Elliot wonders if the Black Knight will come, while Lise cheers for you and the party to go on ahead.


When you have finished your conversation with Cecily, you will obtain a new objective: make your way to the source of the bright light.


You will have to go through the Sunlit Underground Cave - 陽射す地下洞 to get to your destination. The entrance to the cave is located at X 52, Y 72. When you enter the cave, the quest objective will update once more: explore the cave area.

Make your way north to the large chamber at X 40, Y -94.


When you reach the chamber, you will come across a Level 64 Barring Construct - a Frost Machina. The quest objective will update: you will have to defeat the creature in order to proceed. Once you have defeated the Frost Machina, resume your trek to the exit to the north.


Exit the cave and proceed to the quest marker, which is at the highest peak of the island and the source of the bright light.


Activate the event marker for a cutscene.


Gurdolin will mutter that this must be the place. Cecily however, suddenly stumbles in pain; her chest hurts.


She says that her chest feels warm, and the scar on her chest aches. She does not know what to do - she cannot bear it.


A black mist will appear in front of your party, and the Black Knight emerges from within the dark mist, calling Cecily's name. Gurdolin grumbles and says that he told you that the knight would show up. Your squad then step right in front of Cecily, trying to protect her from the knight.


Loeg steps forward, but is sent flying by the Black Knight with a single blow. You and Gurdolin rush to his aid, and in the confusion Cecily is captured.


The Black Knight summons some kind of power, which he drives into Cecily's chest. She screams in pain and is knocked unconscious. The Black Knight lets her go, and then says that you will regret the pact you made with the dragon, before he disappears in the black mist.

Gurdolin curses at this turn for the worse and says that everyone should leave immediately. He tells you to get Cecily, while he will take care of Loeg. The cutscene will end and you will have a new objective: talk to Elliot.

A panicking Elliot will ask you if Cecily is all right, and he begs you to tell him that she can be saved. The quest objective will now update: report back to Joseph. Warp back to the Temple and head for the Audience Chamber.


Once you have briefed Joseph, he will say that at the moment he cannot make any promises on Cecily's condition. However, if the Black Knight has accomplished his mission by doing this, he cannot help but think that peace may return to Lestania. He then apologises to you for even thinking of such a deplorable thing.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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