MQ: A Servant's Pledge

Basic Information

Quest Name A Servant's Pledge
Quest Name (JP) しもべの契り
Recommended Level Level 6
Quest Conditions Solo play (no pawn party members)
Quest Rewards
- 6,000 XP
- 10,000 G
- 300 R

Request Text

Venture into the depths of the Rift between worlds and obtain a Riftstone Ore in order to forge a contract with a pawn. - Alvar

Quest Objectives

  1. Retrieve a Riftstone Ore from the depths of the Rift
  2. Report back to Alvar
  3. Return to the White Dragon Temple Audience Chamber and give the Riftstone Ore to Mysial

Quest Flow


This Main Quest is the second part to obtaining your first Main Pawn. Talk to Alvar in the Pawn Settlement cathedral to start the quest.

He will tell you that in order for you to summon your own pawn, you will need to go to the Portal to the Rift and enter a chamber in its depths. If you are worthy of commanding pawns, then you will find a Riftstone Ore there and bring it back. If you are unable to find the item, then there is nothing Alvar can do, for you are not worthy of summoning a pawn of your own. He then wishes you luck.


The quest will then give you the objective of retrieving a Riftstone Ore from the depths of the Rift. Now go down the stairs and enter the passage in the lower level.


You will come to a Portal into the Rift. Enter it.


You will encounter some enemies here within the Rift, including several lost or corrupted pawns.


You will reach a huge chamber at the end. Go to the glowing item spot and pick up the Riftstone Ore. Once you have picked it up, the quest objective will update: return to Alvar and report. Do not turn back the way you came. Just keep going ahead and exit via the Portal.

Now talk to Alvar and he will be pleased that you were successful in your quest to forge a contract with a pawn. He tells you to give the Riftstone Ore to Mysial.

The quest will now update with a new objective: present the Riftstone Ore to Mysial in the Audience Chamber. You can return to the White Dragon Temple on foot or via Portcrystal.


Talk to Mysial once you’ve returned. She thanks you for your good work. When she notices that you have a Riftstone Ore, she will start the ritual of forging a contract immediately. She tells you to form an image of your pawn, and the Character Creator for your Main Pawn will appear. Once you’ve created your pawn, a short cutscene will play.


Mysial will present the Riftstone Ore to the White Dragon and then summon your pawn from the dark abyss of the Rift. She tells you that your pawn recognises you as his or her Arisen and pledges himself or herself to you by the Riftstone. Your pawn will faithfully follow you whether in or out of battle.


Once the cutscene ends, the quest will be marked as completed.

You can now begin the Personal Quest, Reliable Source of Information - 確かな情報源.

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