MQ: A New Continent

Basic Information

Quest Name A New Continent
Quest Name (JP) 新大陸
Recommended Level Level 69
Quest Conditions - Level 69
- Bloodbane Isle Area Rank 8
Quest Rewards
- 250,000 XP
- 44,000 G
- 3,400 R

Request Text

Use the gate at Bloodbane Isle to go to the new continent. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Head for the gate at Bloodbane Isle
  2. Talk to Loeg
  3. Explore the surrounding area
  4. Look for a Portcrystal in the new continent
  5. Activate the Portcrystal
  6. Talk to Gurdolin
  7. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

This is the first main quest for Season 2.2. To begin this quest, talk to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. A cutscene will play.


Joseph will inform you that a messenger arrived a moment ago bringing news that the gate at Bloodbane Isle is now activated. He was also told that Cecily says not to worry about her; she is not that tired. Nevertheless, there are no guarantees that the gate will remain stable, so Cecily insists that you should all leave for Phindym right away. Any developments there could have grave effects on Lestania. Therefore, you should accompany Cecily to Phindym and do some reconnaissance work.

Once the cutscene ends, you will be presented with the first quest objective: head for the gate at Bloodbane Isle.

The quickest way there would be to warp to the Reconnaissance Expedition Garrison and take the path inside the garrison to the peak.


You will find Cecily and the rest of your squad waiting at the gate. If you talk to Gurdolin, he will be muttering 'not to worry' and to 'keep taking deep breaths'. Elliot will nervously say that he has butterflies in his stomach; Lise is greatly excited, while Loeg will just say, "At last." Cecily will tell you to take a look; the gate is currently stable.

Activate the event marker nearby for a cutscene.


Cecily will say that she is ready. Elliot will tell you that Klaus says that the gate warps space within it with immense power; it compresses the distance of two different distant lands (basically he's saying that it's a wormhole). Elliot adds that there is no guarantee that this is safe, and Lise replies, "You're telling us this now?" Elliot says a mocking farewell in a reply.

Loeg reassures everyone by saying that he had travelled through the gate once before, and so did Cecily. The effects of using the gate briefly seems to be just some minor memory loss. Gurdolin says to cut it with the boring speeches and just get on with it. You then motion for Cecily to proceed.


Cecily thanks you and begins to open the gate to Phindym.


The rift increases in size, and your party is swallowed by its blinding light.

Another cutscene will immediately play.


Your group finds itself in another land. Cecily is the first to recover and runs ahead to see if the gate worked; when she sees that she has returned home, she says, "I'm home, Phindym." She turns and welcomes everyone to her homeland of Phindym.


Your squad will be gasping in amazement at the sight of this new continent. Loeg will tell you that the Tree of Phindym is the very core of the land, but alas, it now lies sick and dying.

Once the cutscene ends, you will be presented with a new objective: talk to Loeg.


If you talk to your squad, Elliot will remind you to proceed with caution in this strange land. Lise will remark that though she did not expect a big welcoming party, this is rather lonely. Cecily will state that the air here is thicker than Lestania, then ask if everyone is all right.

Talk to Loeg and he will say that it is very likely things have gotten worse than the last time he was here. He will ask you to scout around. The quest objective will update: explore the surrounding area. Now head to the quest marker at X 218, Y 384.


Activate the event marker in the clearing for another cutscene.


Some creatures will run toward you; Gurdolin calls out that an enemy is attacking and to stand ready for battle. Loeg will call everyone to follow him and he leads your squad to safety, while Gurdolin says the both of you ought to remain behind to buy them some time.


Once the cutscene ends, you will have to face five Level 69 Mysterious Demons - 謎の魔物, or Pixies. Gurdolin will participate in this battle. Once you have defeated the creatures, another cutscene will play.


Loeg and the rest will rejoin you and Gurdolin. Loeg observes that things here have gotten even worse. The demons have grown more ferocious. He adds that there must be a Portcrystal located somewhere in this forest. It holds the same powers as the ones in Lestania, and perhaps it is best that everyone split up and look for it. You nod in agreement and the cutscene will end.

The next quest objective is to seek out a Portcrystal. Head south to the quest marker located at X 217, Y 395.


Activate the event marker there for yet another cutscene.


Lise will remark, "Isn't that a Portcrystal?" She examines it then notes that it certainly feels the same, and it looks like you can use it by offering R as well.

Once the cutscene ends, your new objective is to activate the Portcrystal. It is recommended that you set this Portcrystal as a favourite destination.


Once you have activated the Portcrystal, the quest objective will update once more: talk to Gurdolin.

Cecily says that warping here via Portcrystal is now possible likely because the gate has been opened. Loeg will say that now that you are here, the problems plaguing this place can be resolved. Perhaps you might find it a burden, but this is what he honestly thinks. Elliot asks you to keep this is a secret, but he is relieved that this new land is not more advanced compared to Lestania. Lise observes that this land has a dragon, so it seems that the same rules still apply. She points out that there is a dwelling nearby, perhaps you should go greet its inhabitants?

Gurdolin suggests that this place be used as a base point and that you should travel back to see if warping works. You should return to Lestania and report your results to Joseph.

The quest objective will update: report back to Joseph. Now warp back to the Temple and head for the Audience Chamber. If you speak to Klaus first, he will say that he greatly wishes to hear of your travels, but since you are busy at the moment he will be patient and wait.

Talk to Joseph and he notes that you have safely returned. After hearing your report, he remarks on how the great central Tree is the very heart of the land of Phindym. It is interesting that though you say that the land is ruled by a dragon, it seems to be out of control. It appears that the sick and dying Tree will have to be healed; only then perhaps the situation can be resolved.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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