MQ: A Fresh Incident

Basic Information

Quest Name A Fresh Incident
Quest Name (JP) あらたな異変
Recommended Level Level 64
Quest Conditions Level 64
Quest Rewards
- 98,000 XP
- 25,000 G
- 2,000 R

Request Text

Go to the aid of Gurdolin, who has been attacked by strange new demons at Bloodbane Isle. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Klaus
  2. Go to Bloodbane Isle and find Gurdolin
  3. Defeat the enemy encountered
  4. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

This is the first main quest for Season 2.1. To begin this quest, talk to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. A cutscene will play.


Joseph will be discussing the current situation of the infected demons on Bloodbane Isle with you and though it is under control, the demons must still be dealt with occasionally. Additionally, there is still the matter of the Black Knight's pursuit of Cecily; the ongoing exploration of the island. There's also Leo and Loeg, and how their meeting returned at least some of Cecily's memories.


Elliot runs into the chamber, interrupting your conversation. He asks that you go to the island quickly, fearing for Gurdolin's life. While they were scouting on the island, they came across demons they had never seen before. The creatures were too powerful and in order to retreat, Elliot was forced to leave him behind. Joseph tells Elliot that will do and that he should tend to his injuries. Joseph then tells you should go to the island and find out what happened to Gurdolin.

The cutscene will end and the first quest objective will appear: talk to Klaus.


Klaus informs you that Gurdolin and Elliot investigated the shores of the island at his suggestion. He will get Lise and Cecily to follow you right away. Once your conversation ends, the quest objective will update: go to Bloodbane Isle and find out what happened to Gurdolin.

Speak to Joseph again and he will mention that it would be a huge loss if Gurdolin has fallen, and notes that the man seems to be fond of you. Elliot would also blame himself.

Head to the island either via Portcrystal or the ship at the Cave Harbour and make your way to the spot marked on your mini-map at X 48, Y 105.


Activate the glowing event marker and a brief cutscene will play.


The cutscene will show a Medusa and some Eliminators. Once the cutscene ends, you will automatically enter battle with the Level 64 Medusa and two Level 63 Eliminators. The quest objective will update: defeat the creatures.


Be warned that the Medusa wields powerful Lightning magickal attacks.

Once you have defeated the demons, another cutscene will automatically play.


Your squad and Cecily finds Gurdolin, who is injured. He weakly asks how did you find him, and then notes that Elliot came back for him. He groans in pain and asks for someone to take a look at his wounds. Cecily says that she will do it. Elliot is about to say something to Gurdolin, but is interrupted by Cecily, who says that Gurdolin will be all right.


Gurdolin gets up and comments on the situation. Lise says things are indeed different; this are new demons unlike the earlier infected demons. Gurdolin notes that they are much stronger, and likely the Black Knight's own. Lise then says it is best to return and get things together before setting out again.

The cutscene will end and the quest objective will update: report back to Joseph. Return to the Audience Chamber.

Speak to Klaus first and he will welcome your return and mentions he is glad to see Gurdolin safe. He wonders if the situation on the island is now hanging in the balance, as it seems the enemy is now pushing forward. Lise asks you if you think Elliot and Gurdolin make a good team; it seems that everyone in your unit has formed a strong bond. Cecily will also make a similar observation about your unit.


After reporting to Joseph, the priest will comment that if the surge of new demons is linked to the Black Knight, just like the infected demons were, then this means that this war will not end unless the Black Knight himself is defeated.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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