Mandragora Cultivation「マンドラゴラ育成」



Mandragora cultivation or the 'rearing' of Mandragora is an additional feature available in the Arisen's Room. This feature was introduced in Season 3.0.

In order to unlock this feature, the following Personal Quests must be completed:

  • Extend Garden - ガーデン・エクステンド
  • Strange Creature Investigation - 奇妙な魔物探索

Once the above Personal Quests are completed, the Arisen may begin cultivating or raising Mandragora in the Arisen's Room.

Note: players with the Adventure Passport will obtain two Mandragora in the Arisen's Room, instead of just one.

Players may also rename and change the appearance of the Mandragora by selecting the relevant options at the Partner Pawn, or the Mandragora itself.

Crafting and Cultivation


In order to cultivate a Mandragora, players must assign it to craft an item. Either select the option from the Partner Pawn, or the Mandragora itself.

The following items may be crafted by the Arisen's Mandragora:


Once the player has selected the item to be crafted by the Mandragora, the player must then select items or materials to be used as the Mandragora's 'fertiliser'. The combination of items used as fertiliser will determine what type of Mandragora it will grow into. Up to 20 different materials can be used as fertiliser at a time. Other items such as dyes, weapons and armour can also be used as fertiliser.

A Mandragora will require 18 real-time hours to finish crafting and 'grow'. Players may also choose to complete the process immediately by paying 1 GG.

The Mandragora also requires Soft Soil - ふかふかの土 in order to grow. Occasionally the player will be prompted to change the Mandragora's soil when needed.

Cultivation Hints

The Arisen's Partner Pawn will also occasionally give hints on what sort of materials to be used to successfully cultivate different types of Mandragora. The types of hints given out depend on the Partner Pawn's personality; different personalities will give a different hint.

The following are some hints obtained so far:

  • Medicines and consumable items such as healing potions, stamina recovery potions, debilitation cures as well as food and drink will help boost plant growth
  • Both organic matter such as mushrooms, and minerals such as ores are important in Mandragora growth
  • Growth stages are important; a seed will not grow into a flower right away without first growing leaves - some Mandragora species will only be discovered if the Mandragora used is of a certain species first
  • A Mandragora will require meat, animal hide, greens and other things that people like, in order to grow much bigger
  • Using higher quality materials can increase the additional quality of the fertiliser
  • A Mandragora will tend to grow into a certain species depending on the amount or 'bias' of material types used in the fertiliser
  • Bones found in or near battlefields make good fertiliser for flowering Mandragora

Discovering New Mandragora


If the Mandragora raised turns out to be a new species that the player Arisen has yet to discover, the above message will appear.


The newly-discovered species' entry and information will also appear in the 'Mandragora Dictionary'.


If the player Arisen is the first player to discover the new species, the above congratulatory message will appear instead. The player Arisen will also be listed in the 'Mandragora Dictionary' or Species Guide as the person who first discovered it.

Mandragora Dictionary


Players can refer to the 'Mandragora Dictionary' available at the Partner Pawn to see the various species' respective entries. Select the Mandragora Guide - マンドラゴラ図鑑 option at the Partner Pawn menu.


Species that have not been discovered by the player Arisen will remain as ??? and the images hidden, but their entries will list down the players who made the First Discovery of the particular species, if any.

A list of the species entries in Mandragora Dictionary can be found here.

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