998: Festival Mandragora「おまつりマンドラゴラ」
Icon Name (JP) Translation
おまつりマンドラゴラ Festival Mandragora


A Mandragora species that loves to partake in summer festivities. When they heard of the summer festival in the east, they made masks akin to the ones made by children. To their delight, they were praised by both pawns and Arisen throughout the time in summer.


This Mandragora is a follow-up to the Midsummer Lestania Summer Party event in 2018.1

The Spicy Radish Marinade - ピリ辛ラディッシュマリネ item, which is required to raise the Festival Mandragora, was obtained from exchanging event items during the Summer Party.2


Rarity Limited Rare
First Discovery Ekatas UBoG

Growth Recipe

  • Start with any Mandragora
  • Spicy Radish Marinade - ピリ辛ラディッシュマリネ
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