997: Summer Mandragora「サマーマンドラゴラ」
Icon Name (JP) Translation
サマーマンドラゴラ Summer Mandragora


A cheerful Mandragora species that can only be found during summertime. These Mandragora came to hear of the fun activities in summer and tried to imitate them. Now it enjoys its summer in the comforts of the bath in the Arisen's Room. Occasionally it will jump out of the room, dreaming that it is enjoying itself in the Breya beach.


This Mandragora is a follow-up to the Midsummer Lestania Summer Party event in 2018.1

The Beach Grilled Meat Skewers - 浜辺の串焼き肉 item, which is required to raise the Summer Mandragora, was obtained from exchanging event items during the Summer Party.2


Rarity Limited Rare
First Discovery Ekatas UBoG

Growth Recipe

  • Start with any Mandragora
  • Beach Grilled Meat Skewers - 浜辺の串焼き肉
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