995: Luminous Mandra Lamp「ルミナスマンドラ・ランプ」
Icon Name (JP) Translation
ルミナスマンドラ・ランプ Luminous Mandra Lamp


A beautiful Mandragora that glows like a luminous moth. It is grown by using moth-based fertiliser material. A mysterious new variety that cannot be found in Phindym's natural environment. When it was discovered by the Arisen, it was widely accepted and officially recognised as a new species.


This Mandragora was a winning entry in the Mandragora Design Contest.1

The event code for the Moth Hard Gem - モスの硬質輝石, which is required to raise the Luminous Mandra Lamp, can be obtained by purchasing a copy of Weekly Famitsu 2018/4/26.2


Rarity Limited Rare
First Discovery Soft Plan

Growth Recipe


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