802: (Red Copper) Red Mandrops Flower「【赤銅】マンドラプスフラワーレッド」
Icon Name (JP) Translation
【赤銅】マンドラプスフラワーレッド (Red Copper) Red Mandrops Flower


A red Mandraflower wearing armour with a single eye. This armoured subspecies is believed to be based on the armour of a Cyclops. The metallic armour is very hard, and upon examining its composition it seems that hard materials such as bones, tusks and fangs were used.

The name of this subspecies is a combination of Mandragora 「マンドラゴラ」 and Cyclops 「サイクロプス」, hence Mandrops 「マンドラプス」.


Rarity Uncommon
First Discovery Professor ADuS

Growth Recipe

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