Knight Commander's Armour (Plain)
Icon Name (JP) Translation
icon_lot45_002.png 騎士団長の鎧【零】 Knight Commander's Armour (Plain)


The Knight Commander's Armour (Plain) is the ensemble which can only be equipped on male characters in the The Knight Commander's Lucky Bag Treasure Lot. It can be equipped from Level 1, and can be enhanced up to 4 ★ (stars). It is based on Gerd's armour.


Armour Type Ensemble
Vocation All (Male)
Item Rank 45
Equip Level 1
Properties unenhanced ★★★★
Physical Defence 409 1,771
Magickal Defence 409 1,771
Weight 60 60
Endurance 77 182
Maximum Health 600 1,500
Maximum Stamina 480 1,159
Crest Slots 4 4
Stun Resistance 20 20
Corruption Resistance 8 8
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