Arisen's Absorber 「アリズンズアブソーバー」
Icon JP Name Translation
icon_lot44_004.png アリズンズアブソーバー Arisen's Absorber


The Arisen's Absorber is the S-Rank weapon for the Shield Sage vocation in Crimson Protective Weaponry Treasure Lot. The weapon has special killing properties against Fiends - 魔族 and Animal - 獣 enemies.


Damage Type Blunt
Vocation Shield Sage
Item Rank 45
Equip Level 1
Properties ★★★★
Physical Attack 1,797
Magickal Attack 0
Knockback 534
Stun 15
Stagger Chance 10
Guard Power 384
Stamina Usage Reduction 15
Force Stock Units 5
Weight 100
Crest Slots 4
Beast Damage 50
Fiend Damage 50
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