Alchemy Dispeller「アルケミーディスペラー」
Icon JP Name Translation
staff.png アルケミーディスペラー Alchemy Dispeller


The Alchemy Dispeller is the S-Rank weapon for the Priest vocation in The Rhythm of Yore Treasure Lot. The weapon has special killing properties against Alchemised and Magickal Construct enemy creatures, such as Alchemised Griffins and Golems respectively.


Damage Type Blunt
Vocation Priest
Item Rank 12
Equip Level 1
Properties unenhanced ★★★★
Physical Attack 148 1,050
Magickal Attack 235 1,169
Knockback 59 221
Stun 0 0
Stagger Chance 10 10
Weight 40 40
Crest Slots 4 4
Magickal Construct Damage 50 50
Alchemised Damage 50 50
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