Clear Water「きれいな水」
Icon JP Name Translation
きれいな水 Clear Water


A clear and pure water that has many uses. Used in crafting.


Item Rank 2
Value 10 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Hidell Plains
  • Hidell Plains: Tel’s Withered Well - テルの枯れ井戸
  • Hidell Plains: Hunters' Secret Passage - 狩人の抜け穴
  • Hidell Plains: Abandoned Well on Hidell Road - ハイデル街道の枯れ井戸
  • Breya Coast
  • Volden Mines: Kinoza Mineral Springs - キノザ鉱泉
  • Mysree Forest: The Rift - 異界の狭間
  • Dowe Valley: Village's Abandoned Well - 村の枯れ井戸
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