Job Masters「ジョブマスター」


Job Masters are special NPCs that can help upgrade and unlock the Custom Skills and Abilities of Arisen and their Main Pawns.

Arisen can unlock Custom Skills and Abilities up to Level 5 at innkeepers and at Archibald at the White Dragon Temple. After that they will need to seek out the respective Job Masters, who can unlock Level 6 and higher Custom Skills and Abilities. There is one Job Master for each Vocation. Some Job Masters also unlock new Vocations, such as the Spirit Lancer Job Master.


Arisen must first complete the following requirements before the Job Masters will help them unlock new skills and abilities:

  • Complete the Basic Combat Skills (I and II) tutorial at the Training Chapel for the relevant Vocation
  • Level 18 of the relevant Vocation
  • Complete Personal Quest Seeking the Master for the relevant Vocation

Please note that each Vocation is levelled separately; players will need to do complete the above requirements for every individual Vocation.

Custom Skills and Abilities Training

Each Job Master will assign a special challenge for the Arisen to complete in order to unlock a new skill or ability. These challenges usually involve defeating a specific number and type of enemies. Once the challenge has been completed, the Arisen will have to see the Job Master again in order to unlock the new skill or ability. Once unlocked, the Arisen can purchase the new skill or ability with the necessary amount of Job Points (JP).

Job Masters of Lestania

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