HQ: The Waterfall of Mystery

Basic Information

Quest Name The Waterfall of Mystery
Quest Name (JP) 神秘の滝に
Area Breya Coast
Recommended Level Level 30
Quest Conditions Breya Coast Area Rank 9
Quest Rewards
- 990 XP
- 990 G
- 130 R
- 450 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Retrieve the items
  2. Report back to Akim - アキム

Quest Flow


To activate this Hidden Quest, you need to talk to Akim - アキム, who can be found at X 121, Y 318 near the entrance to the Roaring Tide Cave. He will ask that you gather some items from within the cave. Check your map to get to their locations. A good number of enemies here in the cave are Orb Enemies that drop Blood Orbs.

Once you have collected all the items from within the cave, report back to Akim. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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