HQ: The Uninvited Ones (II)

Basic Information

Quest Name The Uninvited Ones (II)
Quest Name (JP) 招かれざる者達
Area Eastern Zandora
Recommended Level Level 47
Quest Conditions Completed Main Quest: Thinking of A Friend - 友を思う
Quest Rewards
- 1,260 XP
- 1,180 G
- 200 R
- 930 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Remove those who have occupied the ruins
  2. Defeat the encountered enemy
  3. Report back to the Knight

Quest Flow


To activate this Hidden Quest, make your way to the rooftop of the ruined building at X 400, Y 140. Now speak to the White Knight - 白衛騎士団員 on the rooftop. The Knight will ask you to remove some people who have occupied the ruins nearby.


If you have difficulty getting to the roof, you need to go to the road above adjacent to the ruined building and then jump to the roof from there.


Now go to the well that leads to the Water Channel Ruins - 取水場跡 just nearby. You will find a group of Level 47 Banded Mages and Banded Hunters. Eliminate them all and then report back to Knight. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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