HQ: The Mystery of the Wasted Ruins

Basic Information

Quest Name The Mystery of the Wasted Ruins
Quest Name (JP) 廃墟荒らしの怪
Area Breya Coast
Recommended Level Level 19
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 620 XP
- 620 G
- 80 R
- 150 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Head for the Beach Underground Stores and investigate
  2. Kill the enemy encountered
  3. Report back to Freud

Quest Flow


You can activate this quest by talking to Freud - フロイト at the village of Rotes in Breya Coast. He is the White Knight standing in front of the Sea Dragon Inn.


He will ask you to look into some disturbance coming from the Beach Underground Stores - 浜辺の地下保管庫. The quest objective will update: investigate the location.


You will then come across the source of the disturbance - some Level 19 Mist Fighters and Level 19 Mist Priests. The quest objective will update: subdue them. Once they have been taken care of, the quest will update again: report back to Freud.

Reporting back to Freud will mark the quest as completed.

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