HQ: The Mysterious Living Treasure

Basic Information

Quest Name The Mysterious Living Treasure
Quest Name (JP) 生きたお宝の謎
Area Volden Mines
Recommended Level Level 30
Quest Conditions Volden Mines Area Rank 4
Quest Rewards
- 990 XP
- 820 G
- 130 R
- 450 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out the enemy in the Volden Large Tunnels
  2. Kill the enemy encountered
  3. Report back to Cromwell

Quest Flow

You can pick up this quest by talking to Cromwell - クロムウェル, who can be found in the Kinoza Mineral Springs. You will need to purchase the Springs of Abundance Key - 鉱泉の鍵・豊穣の泉 to unlock the Springs of Abundance -豊穣の泉 - from Lucy at the counter to get to Cromwell, however.


Cromwell will be bathing in the Springs of Abundance. When you speak to him, he will ask if you have ever been to the Volden Large Tunnels - ボルド大坑道 (X 385, Y 366), adding that around this time a unique creature will appear there. Apparently the creature has unique gemstones encrusted on it, and he would like you to check up on this.


The quest objective will update: head to the Volden Large Tunnels and seek out the creature Cromwell spoke of.


Make your way within and you will soon come across a bask of Level 30 Rock Saurian Spinels. The quest objective will update: eliminate them. Once you have finished them off, the quest objective will update again: report your findings to Cromwell. After doing so, the quest will be marked as completed.

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