HQ: The Forgotten Guardian

Basic Information

Quest Name The Forgotten Guardian
Quest Name (JP) 忘れられた守番
Area Zandora Wastelands
Recommended Level Level 49
Quest Conditions Zandora Wastelands Area Rank 2
Quest Rewards
- 2,260 XP
- 1,610 G
- 250 R
- 930 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out the enemy in the Old Underground Laboratory - 旧地下実験所
  2. Defeat the encountered enemy
  3. Report back to the Magician

Quest Flow

To pick up this quest, speak to the Magician - 魔術師 who can be found at X 305, Y 93. He will ask you to take care of an enemy in the Old Underground Laboratory - 旧地下実験所.

The enemy in question is a Level 49 Damned Golem. Destroy the creature. Report back and the quest will be marked as completed.

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