HQ: The Bridges of Our Livelihood

Basic Information

Quest Name The Bridges of Our Livelihood
Quest Name (JP) 橋は我らが命なり
Area Mysree Forest
Recommended Level Level 14
Quest Conditions Mysree Forest Area Rank 3
Quest Rewards
- 460 XP
- 460 G
- 60 R
- 90 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Eliminate the enemy near the bridge
  2. Kill the encountered enemy
  3. Find the next group of enemies
  4. Kill the encountered enemy
  5. Find the next group of enemies
  6. Kill the encountered enemy
  7. Report back to the Female Soldier

Quest Flow


You can get this quest from the Lightly-Equipped Female Soldier - 軽装の女戦士 at Mysree Forest, west of the Lynwood village. She is at the coordinates X 196, Y 374.

Talk to her and she will request that you take care of the monsters near the bridges of Mysree Forest, as they are a threat to traffic going in and out of Lynwood.

Check your map and you will see that there are three bridges surrounding Lynwood in Mysree Forest. (One of them was repaired when at Area Rank 3.) Go to any one of the bridges and you will encounter your first group of enemies.

Once you have finished them off, repeat the same at the other two bridges before reporting back to the soldier. After you reported your success, the quest will be marked as completed.

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