HQ: The Blocked Courier

Basic Information

Quest Name The Blocked Courier
Quest Name (JP) 運べぬ運び屋
Area Dowe Valley
Recommended Level Level 30
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 990 XP
- 700 G
- 130 R
- 450 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Obtain 2 Hard Leather Cloths - ハードレザークロス
  2. Talk to Kittridge at the White Dragon Temple
  3. Talk to Josh at the Hidell side of the border
  4. Report back to the Soldier

Quest Flow


To activate this Hidden Quest, find and talk to the Lightly-geared Soldier - 軽装の戦士 - at the Dowe Valley side of the Dowe-Hidell border at X 267, Y 321. He will complain how the strict controls at the border are ruining his courier business, and that he is unable to go to the Temple and Tel to do business. He will ask you to go to the other side of the border and do so on his behalf.

You will need to obtain 2 Hard Leather Cloths to complete this quest. Either craft them or buy them from the bazaar.


Talk to Kittridge at the White Dragon Temple. He will take note that the soldier has not been around lately for goods and says he will produce a letter of recommendation. Once you’re done talking to Kittridge, head over to the Hidell side of the border and speak to Josh - ジョシュ, the White Knight stationed at X 265, Y 322.

Josh will make note of the letter of recommendation. Now report back to the Soldier at the Dowe side of the border. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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