HQ: In the Darkness

Basic Information

Quest Name In the Darkness
Quest Name (JP) 暗がりに消ゆ
Area Mysree Forest
Recommended Level Level 16
Quest Conditions Mysree Forest Area Rank 6
Quest Rewards
- 440 XP
- 520 G
- 70 R
- 150 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the fate of the Peddler’s three companions
  2. Report back to the Peddler

Quest Flow

You can get activate this quest when you talk to the Peddler standing just outside the entrance to the Lynwood Underground Waterway (X 223, Y 384).

He will tell you that his companions went into the Underground Waterway to search for items to sell, but have yet to return. He mentions that perhaps there are monsters lurking in there, for he heard a terrible scream coming from within. He begs that you go in there and see what happened to his companions.

Enter the Lynwood Underground Waterway and search for the three locations. Note that some of the enemies here are Orb Enemies that drop Blood Orbs.

Once you have investigated the three locations, exit and report back to the Peddler. He will be sad to know that his companions are dead, but is glad that you retrieved their personal effects and gave them to him. He is also thankful that you killed the beasts within for his companions. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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